Do you believe in collective consciousness? Any evidence or interesting thoughts to support the theory?

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It’s wild. I’ve not heard much about it, but the idea itself is so interesting.

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Yes I do. I don’t believe that separation actually exists. We’re all connected on some level. That level just happens to be outside of our awareness.
We are I.


We can’t think with a collective brain anymore than we can breathe with collective lungs.


I don’t think collective consciousness means what you think it means.

aural marginalized

yes; I think the term “common sense” is rooted in the same phenomenon

Evil Conservative Visigoth;)

I personally believe that the evidence of collective consciousness could be taken as evidence of God depending on who you ask. Some would call it evidence of Karma, or of allah or whatever. I personally believe in god but i also believe in the idea of a collective consciousness. In that enough people all pushing towards the same goal can not only change a country but can change the course of the world itself without ever meaning to. i guess i incorporate the butterfly effect theory into my idea of collective consciousness.

Vivian So

I don’t believe in collective consciousness. I used to. where shall i begin. I was a catholic, then a devoted protestant. Then i shift to Law of Attraction and collective consciousness. All to find out i have to go back to God. That collective consciousness is false. It was evidence in bible that in the end time people will be divided and away from God and that there will be Antichrist and false religion and false prophet. To me, collective consciousness is one of the growing cult in present day.


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