Do you believe in chakra?

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I’m not quite sure if I spelled it right… I was just watching Naruto, like I do when I’m bored, and I wanted to see all the jutsus… When I looked up information about them, I saw that the site said “which are not possible to MOST humans….” about drawing about chakra to make jutsus.
This made me a bit curious… What do you think about the subject? If you do believe in chakra, why? And, what can it do?
I might just be a noob for asking this- I’m not sure. In fact, I know very little about chakra itself, and its connection to the “real” world, so I’m sorry if this question seems stupid.

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Chakra is a certain energy your body has.
But the way they use Chakra in that show is false.
Chakra in real life is just like normal energy.
That boost up your body when you need it.
Such as an adrenaline rush.


As stated above, chakra exists but the way it is in the show is fake. It’s possible to get near superhuman strength at times through adrenaline rushes. Usually for this to happen your life has to be in danger. This once happened to a man who was about to get attacked by a shark, and he was able to climb into a boat when he hasn’t eaten for about a week.

elwood blues

Chakras are centres of energy in the body that are invoked in the practice of hathi yoga.
Although based on ancient Hindu theology, they correspond closely to modern analysis of the nervous and cardio-vascular systems.


chakra is real but naruto way is false.
wouldn’t that be cool if it was though!

Witchy Mel

Chakras are energy centers in the body and each has a different purpose. The belief in Chakras originated in India with Hinduism.
I personally believe that chakras are real, I have done meditations with them and have noticed results. I think that a lot of ancient beliefs systems had information that we are just now scratching the surface of.
Here is an example of what you do with your chakras:


have a look at the 13 chakra questionnaire, which helps you understand the full system


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