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Do you believe in auras?

Do you believe in auras and that their colors have meanings? Do you know anyone who can see auras?
Thanks for the video! (I’ve just learned that some of my friends believe in this and I wanted to see what some other people thought.)
My chorus teacher in highschool had also claimed to see auras and I found it very interesting. I do not question their existence but I’m just wondering if people believe in their spiritual significance.


  1. Um, if you’re talking about the Northern Lights, yes, I believe it because its real.
    If you’re talking about human auras, I would say no. Our body does give off energy, though.

  2. I only know of auras when someone has problems with migraine headaches Just before the head ache the person will see colorful designs and lights and also smell rain or sun etc,,

  3. yes people have auras/ i had a picture taken of me once and i could see my aura in the photo it was yellow/ i was wearing a carnelian stone necklace at the time/ jewelry and stones affect your aura

  4. I believe in auras. And science has more or less proven their existence. Auras are nothing more than the energy that swirls around your body. Everyone has some amount of magnetic energy that “clings” to them.
    Whether people can see them or not is debatable, but their existence isn’t. I personally believe you can see the colors, and I think most children can- hence the drawing with odd colors. BUt that’s just me.


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