Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in auras and kinetic energy?

Do you believe in auras and kinetic energy?

I do


  1. auras. You can never tell what someone is feeling inside, but you can sometimes study them and get a good read on how their feelings.

  2. Kinetic Energy – Yes.
    If by Aura, you mean the electromagnetic field that eminates from our bodies – then Yes
    If you mean any other thing by those two terms, then No.

  3. kinetic energy is a matter of physics. believeing in auras is like believeing your gonna win the lottery every night.

  4. Kinetic energy, yes. But that has nothing to do with auras, which don’t exist.
    Kinetic energy is a term which means any energy involved in motion.

  5. Auras is identified as paranormal whether as kinetic energy is a special energy and is hard not to believe in.
    I do believe in both, I am Buddhist so spiritual practices that ties in with Auras

  6. Kinetic energy, yes. Auras, no.
    I can double expose some film and show you some “auras” though, but it’s just that, double exposed film.

  7. irrationality is so much more fun but when it leads to real changes in real life there can be serious problems.too many people have a serious problem in dealing with reality.

  8. Kinetic energy is an observable fact from physics — but you’re probably not referring to that, are you?
    There is no evidence of any kind that there are “auras.”

  9. No. You don’t have to believe in something that is real. If I drop a hammer on a planet that has a known gravity I know it will fall. I don’t believe it, know it.

  10. I do believe in kinetic energy. Like when a pool ball whacks into another pool ball and transfers…kinetic energy. I do believe in Auras, like when I play Diablo 2.


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