do you believe in astrology? if yes ,will you share your ideas with others?is it tell you 100% or….?






  1. No. The only truth is in the Bible. Jesus died to save us. Repent of your sin because God loved us enough to send His Son. John 3:16

  2. i like reading them at the end of the day and then comparing notes
    about the only bit of it i do believe is that certain signs share certain traits. like, every scorpio male i have met is exactly the same as every other scorpio male i have met

  3. I did a study on it in my first year of college and found that people did indeed tend to exhibit qualities in relation to their astrological profile.
    However, not everyone does. What I found most interesting is that each sun sign has a physical description, and people tend to follow that more than any personality quality.
    I don’t believe horoscopes are legit, but getting a birth chart done has always been dead on for me and a few others I know.
    Randomly, I also noticed during the study that a person astrological profile tended to correspond with both their Numerological profile and their Enneagram.

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