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Do you believe in Astral Travel?

If you don’t know what it is, Astral Travel is when your soul temporarily leaves your body while you are sleeping or daydreaming. Your soul travels and visits to the Other Side (heaven) and then it comes back to your body. You also can travel and fly in the universe.

Do you believe in this? I do


  • Yes and I have researched the varying types of soul travel for several years.

    There’s a difference between Astral Travel, which is ‘willed’ travel and an out of body experience (OBE) which is unwilled travel. The soul does not visit “heaven”, it travels on the spiritual plane or what some call the Ethereal plane of existence. In case you didn’t know, science has proven there are more than one planes of existence and what we call the “uni”verse is really a “multi”verse.

    Everyone travels at night during REM sleep, this is the body’s natural way of healing itself, replenishing energy and allowing the soul to review the day, events of ones life compare them to their spiritual lessons and gain insight or resolve issues, albeit on a subconscious level. Some people remember these travels at night, some people do not.

    Astral Travel is something anyone can do with practice and effort. The reasons are numerous, but reviewing spiritual lessons and gaining insight on a more conscious level is often the reason.

  • Astral traveling is leaving your body and going into the lower astral realms, parallel frequencies. Leaving your body and staying in this frequency is called an out of body experience as opposed to astral traveling. You can go anywhere you wish. You can also be lucid if you choose. I go every night. :)))
    Ernie, you cannot die from leaving your body. You are attached by a silver cord. If something disturbs your body while you are out, you immediately return to your body. I have re-entered mine so fast on occasion that it has thrown me out of bed. lol

  • Astral travel can be dangerous, because unless God takes you out of your body, it will be of the devil. A friend of mine told me him and his friend did this, and his friend almost died. Don’t play around with something that can kill you.

  • Yes, I sure do believe in Astral Travel. However, I do not recall that my soul ever visited heaven.

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