Do you believe in a Hollow Shell? Can a person be alive without ever having consciousness?

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Have your ever wondered of A severely retarded person or a Person in a coma and die to be alive? Without Conciousness does a person exist except for the body? Sure you can give the person a name but they won’t know it. They can’t know anything. Just….there. A Hollow…Shell…..

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I believe that a severely retarded person or someone in a coma still has their soul until it is released upon death. They may look like a hollow shell, but the soul is still there.
People who do horrible things without any regret or show of emotion, those with no conscience are people born without souls. They would be the hollow shells.


Look at Steven Hawkings. He was severely paralyzed and everybody thought he was a vegetable. But with a talking device, he turned out to be the smartest man of our Century!
Just because the body is weak, doesn’t mean the mind is. Because the mind is the spirit.
Though I wouldn’t condemn a persons spirit to keep living in a body that no longer functioned.


Well hollow shells are people with souls. And there is many in the world but, the soul has the freedom to exit the body and it goes to a place that is most appealing to the person. But this process only works with dead spirits that lie around and haven’t left our world yet. Or with more commonly, Angels and Demons. The ones who do the senseless killing with no regret or emotion to what they are doing are those who were kicked out by a demon and are stuck with out their body. Unless someone with high expertise can knock the thing right out of their body for them. But with practice you can shove it off and they couldn’t even enter the body.


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