do you believe in a higher power, just not the one postulated by man-made religion?

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i cannot help but wonder if a presence/being–call it whatever you will–exists out there in the universe. It seems almost absurd that humans are the highest form of consciousness in a universe so immense beyond comprehension. However, God, as has been put forward by the Abrahamic Religions just seems childish and silly

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It is more of a possibility than any God I have heard described, but I still think it is an immensely slim possibility.


No I don’t believe, because I have seen a great light that is beyond this dimension, beyond words, words that have no sound, shapeless and formless is this Light that gives Life much greater and fuller than what we now know.


You didn’t really say anything.
Check the stream of words you use to show that you just plain hate thinking : ‘believe’ ‘wonder’ ‘seems’ ‘childish’ ‘silly’.
In other words, no one will mistake you for a thinker.
My belief in God has a completely rational necessary basis. I gave up your way of being when I was about 5 or 6.
Aristotle Versus the Atheists: On the Existence of God and the Immortality of the Soul
Paul Berry


I agree with you completely.
I don’t believe in the Christian God of the old testament. He seems like he doesn’t have his act together. However, I do believe that there may be a higher power somewhere in the Universe. Maybe we’re all created by aliens for all we know, lol.


Absolutely, most human religions simply a postulate a more powerful human doing what the Priests would do if they could get away with it. That is why Gods tend to be reflections of the culture in which they arise rather than the reverse. As a Pagan I believe that the Gods revealed as much truth as the various ancient peoples could comprehend at the time and left it to us what we would do with it. It is human arrogance and greed that lead to different groups insisting they had the whole of the truth rather than one small part of it, and it’s why common starting points can lead to such radically different places.


The term ‘higher power’ is very abstract, and usually sounds rather contrived. Could you be more specific here?

Innocent Victim

Good question. I am as certain as can be that, as you said, the modern religions all have it totally wrong. I have never ruled out the possibility of a deist god, though.
It is utterly absurd to suggest that humans have the “highest form of consciousness in a universe so immense beyond comprehension.” Surely there are a multitude of alien intellects out there who would put ours to shame. None of them is god, however.


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