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Do you believe in a Cosmic Consciousness?

Cosmic consciousness is the concept that the universe exists as an interconnected network of consciousness, with each conscious being linked to every other to form a collective consciousness which spans the cosmos.
Throughout history, there have been many renditions of universal unity, connectivity, and the spectrum of considered possibility of mankind. The idea bears similarity to the ancient Buddhist concept of Indra’s net, Teilhard de Chardin’s conception of the noosphere, James Lovelock’s Gaia theory, to Hegel’s Absolute idealism, and to Satori in Zen.


  1. Yeah, something like that, definitely. I mean, I don’t think searching for the ethernet cables of said “network” would be very fruitful. But what should make us so separate from everything around us, from the unity of everything? That basic mistake is deeply ingrained in western thinking. But it still takes a great arrogance to respond to this question with some flippant quip involving LSD.

  2. Yes. That from an atheist. Weird (another word that has an e before i but not after c)
    The pyramids were not designed and built by a singular consciousness but by a collaboration of consciousnesses. Even ideas attributed to specific geniuses were really the culmination of an endless stream of previous ideas of other geniuses – for example, Einstein used ideas of Newton and Newton used ideas of Archimedes. And those ideas were garnered from observations of a universe that, apparently, adheres to a few basic ‘laws’ or rules of behavior we call physics.
    Certainly, in a 15 billion year-old universe so big that some of the light from the big bang hasn’t had enough time yet to reach us and never will since the universe is expanding, if we are the only example of intelligence in all of that – intelligence doesn’t mean squat. It was less than the fart of a flea in a world that had only one flea.
    However, if intelligence is ubiquitous (relatively) throughout the universe then, eventually, collective intelligence will merge to form a meta consciousness.
    Relative to the life-span and scale of this meta consciousness, a collective of all intelligence in the universe operating with as much collaboration of the different “centers” of the human brain, the time it takes for the universe’s intelligence to coalesce into a single, self aware consciousness may be no more than what it takes a sperm and ovum to become a child who can count and spell.
    Yet, even if it is already happening, we will be no more aware of it than an atom in a cell in our body is aware of Y!A – where very little intelligence is exhibited anyway.
    BTW – Einstein, Sagan and Hawkings all have stated that something akin to a cosmic conciousness may very well be the case. However, the idea that there is a creator, separate from its creation, who required no creator itself to explain its own existence; represents an idea so rife with cognitive dissonance as to be laughable.


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