Home Discussion Forum Do you believe in a consciousness/existence deeper than the five senses?

Do you believe in a consciousness/existence deeper than the five senses?


  1. Consciousness is not the same as senses. A computer have senses, but have not yet been made concious. Consciusness is just many parts of the brain working together.

  2. Sort of. You know that feeling you get when someone is staring at the back of your neck, well how the hell can you tell that someone is staring at you? I would say that is evidence of at least one extra sense.

  3. Biologically we’re said to experience more than 5 senses. Pressure, balance and anything that allows us to experience the world is considered to be a physical sense. But I absolutely do believe in the ability to perceive realities beyond the physical.

  4. I believe the human mind is capable of much more than we know we use less than 10%of our brains and we still have not unlocked all its secrets. I believe that yes there is more than the five senses.

  5. Yes, I think it is called superego in psychology, where our conscience or sense of right and wrong resides. It is also, I think, where supernatural powers like faith, is developed.

  6. Human emotion, Happiness, Grief etc etc. We mostly define ourselves and others without referring to the five senses. When someone asks you to describe yourself you don’t generally say “I smell bad, I feel soft, I can be head a mile away, I look human, and I taste salty.” Most of what we call “real” has nothing to do with the 5 senses.

  7. As non-physical, immortal, Spiritual Beings we each have over 50 different perceptions. That physical Body you only use on the Physical Playing Field is extremely limited…

  8. Absolutely YES! I am not a “psychic, mentalist, tarot card reader,etc”. I have a strong belief of deep consciousness as a person who is very spiritual and I have a strong testimony of my religious beliefs and faith. I own my truths. If when I pray for the Holy Spirit to be with me to lead, guide and direct me in the ways of truth and right, I recognize and allow unexpected, unusual situations and circumstances to play out as I know there are no accidents in the universe and everything has a time and reason.

  9. The voice in your head is actually the six sense, so you’ve been duped by science and the church,.. the feeling of love is your soul saying,.. “I like that, this is who you are.”

  10. The mind can be regarded as a faculty itself, that is, the mind (organ) is what perceives thought (objects). “Peace”, “anger”, and the number “three” are not things that you directly encounter in the world, yet we can be quite certain when we are at peace, when we are angry, and when there are three donuts.
    Consciousness is the overarching amalgam of these faculties. Misidentifying consciousness with the faculties (including the mind) is a source of suffering. It is nevertheless a common occurrence in the human condition. One may say “I AM angry”, rather than, “I feel anger”, or when the lights are off, one may say “I can’t see”, rather than, “It is dark.”


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