Do you believe in a collective consciousness?

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the growing body of philosophical/scientific evidence that suggests we are all connected? Is this the nature of the soul? Are we part of a supreme being/universal vibrational cosmic energy/consciousness experiencing itself subjectively? Do you have a personal example or experience that suggests this may be true? Your thoughts on this would be very interesting!

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I am not aware of any growing body of evidence. I am aware that Carl Jung first articulated this concept and that some still cling to it. But I am aware of no compelling evidence for it, much leass a ‘growing body of evidence’.
Therefore my answer must be no.

Ruby Tuesday

i do find that interesting from personal observation .. people you know affect you, they even get in your dreams ..

ree ree

Ive wondered the same thing. very interesting


What evidence would that be?


No, because we’re not gods.

Wayf for Iranian Human Rights

Yes. I am certain we are all connected. How there could be any doubt is unfathomable to me. I just see it. I’ve lived in enough places to know that people are connected on a higher level than they realize, or maybe want to realize. Besides, the human race has always sought connection. We live in groups mostly, and always have.


As a Christian, I believe this is true. God also seems to give credence to this when he tells us if we pray as a group our prayers are heard. Plus my own personal experience that I would bet many of you have had. Such as thinking of some one and then the phone rings and it is them.


Yes, the cells in your brain are a collective consciousness. I doubt there is anything magical about it though. It is probably just some form of emergence, like a flock of 5000 birds moving in perfect unison as if it was one organism,or a shoal of fish.
Edit: Nature has a set of self organizing laws where smaller groups of order make up bigger groups of order. The nuclear forces hold atoms together, gravity pull atoms together to make planets and stars, stars revolve around black holes to make galaxies. Many scientists believe there are smaller units of matter than atoms. Everything in the universe is pretty much just spherical bodies revolving around bigger spherical bodies. Electrons around the nucleus, moons around planets, planets around stars, stars around black holes. Chemical reactions are self organizing too, DNA is just 4 different chemicals arranged in different order. You must wonder why the vast majority of genius scientists believe we have a completely natural origin.


“many in body, one in mind.” This represents the many different individuals that make up the SGI and our combined efforts or determination to accomplish world peace.
Below are some of the links that show how many different people in different countries are working together for world peace. Look at what we do, not what some people say we do. You be the judge. Our hope is that all religions will work together of one mind and many boddies for a peacefull world.


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