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Do You Believe in 2012?

Honestly, i’m a little scared. I know that it may not be true, but the Mayans were a very advanced, spiritual society. So far, the world is already starting to end. Celebrities are dying, the economy is still bad, the crisis in the middle east, global warming, gas prices,and so on. If these things get worse then maybe 2012 is the thing that will end it all. Even though i’m not in favor of dying at the age of fifteen, i’m still concerned.
So waddya guys think? 2012, a hoax just to scare us, a legitimate problem, or are you iffy about the whole thing?


  1. Hoax.
    The Mayans never said that 2012 was the end of the world. That’s just when their predicted calendar ran out. If they were still in existence, they would have already made a new 2,000 yr calendar for the next 2 millennia.
    Don’t believer everything you hear.

  2. The mayans predicted a bunch of very generic things. Like that an evil leader would take over the world. People first thought that was Napoleon, then Hitler, then Stalin. Silly!

  3. Celebrities die all the time – that doesn’t mean everyone else will die. Economies have been bad before – economies don’t kill people. There have been crises in the Middle East and all over the world at some stage or another – the world didn’t end then. Gas prices – how is that going to end the world? The only thing you mentioned that might possibly kill us all is global warming, but that certainly won’t happen in the next 3 years.

  4. I believe that 2012 will be the Second Coming of Christ, and I am not afraid.
    2012 will bring a new Heaven on Earth… we will experience love and a relationship with The All the way that Jesus had intended us to so many years ago. It is the reason Jesus came…
    “I have come so that they may lie, and live abundantly.”

  5. Satan says the world won’t end in 2012.
    That’s what he told me anyway… he says don’t worry you have a few more years left but he doesn’t know the exact date

  6. I don’t pretend to know what the future holds. We may not make it that long, I may not live to see tomorrow. I can’t control my surroundings, I can only control me, and I’ve made the choice to not live a life of fear.

  7. Nothing is going to happen.
    The entire claim that the Earth was going to end in 2012 is based on a *misinterpretation* of the Mayan calender, which appears to those who don’t know how to read it to end in 2012.
    In reality, the Mayan calender is a cyclic calender, meaning it runs in a cycle. (Much like a car’s odometer, which, when it reaches 999,999 miles, will click back over and start at 000,000 again.) The people who are claiming that the Mayans predicted the end of the world are reading the Mayan calender as if it was a linear calender like ours. It’s not. The Mayans did NOT predict the end of the world. They did NOT make any claims of the sort. The people who say that the Mayans said anything like that are people who know NOTHING about the Mayan culture, don’t know how to read the Mayan calender, and have NO idea what they’re talking about.
    Either way, why anyone would attach any sort of significance to a perceived “prediction” made by an ancient civilization that couldn’t even predict it’s own downfall is beyond logical comprehension. (Not that any end-time theorists in the history of mankind are known for their logic or comprehension skills.) It’s particularly baffling that it’s Christians who seem to have grabbed on to this, and use it to back up their religion’s end-time fantasy, when under ANY other circumstances they would say that the Mayans beliefs were “false beliefs”.

  8. I can guarantee you that the world will NOT end in 2012.
    Not even all the past mass extinctions(killing more than 95% of life on Earth) have brought the end of the world so, I don’t think celebrities dying, bad economy….ect can bring the end of the world.

  9. *celebrities die because everyone dies. it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.
    *yeah, the economy is bad, but every developed country has been through several depressions and pulled out of it.
    *there has been a crisis in the middle east for generations upon generations. it’s not a recent thing and it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.
    *global warming is happening, and we can’t reverse it, but we can stop the rise of all the things that are causing it. if severe problems hit us, it’ll be decades in the future, not in 2012.
    *gas prices? come on!
    basically, the mayans were very advanced for their time, but their calendar just ran out in 2012. that doesn’t mean the world’s ending, it means that they didn’t think far enough ahead past 2012.
    basically, by the fact that you believe in all of this, it’s really obvious how young, impressionable and ignorant you are.

  10. So do you believe the rest of the Mayan religion?
    Celebrities have always died.
    The economy goes through cycles and there is a recession every couple of decades or so.
    The Middle East has been in crisis for centuries.
    There’s nothing particularly new or bad about the world right now.
    If you’ll be fifteen in 2012 you’re twelve now and you must have lied about your age to get an account. Is “kids will lie about their ages” on your list of terrible things happening?

  11. Celebrities die because of their lifestyle, age, or health – JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO DIED LAST WEEK!!!!
    The mayans did NOT predict the end of the world. They predicted great change in the world – and hello, open your eyes – is our world not a whole lot different than the Mayans world? Or are you going to tell me they had cars, electricity, and Ipod?
    The global warming is a cyclical event – look it up – we also get mini ice ages.
    War is nothing new – that’s been happening since the first group of cavemen raided the next group of cavemen.
    Gas prices are because the Arab Emirates are getting greedy and they know they have the world in a choke-hold.
    The ONLY thing that will happen in 2012 is the same stuff that happens in every other year. People will be born, people ill die, the seasons will change and we’ll all be another year older.
    It is a deliberate misinterpretation – just because the Mayan cycle on their calendar ends, it doesn’t mean the world will. A new cycle begins – whoopie.

  12. Not really. I’m more concerned with the comet Apophis striking the Earth in 2036 (if I’m around that long).
    In about 2029 the comet is going to come very close to earth, closer even than the moon. Closer even than our satellites. It will not hit us then. But is is scheduled to round us again in 2035, and depending on how close it comes in 2029, it just may impact Earth.
    This isn’t an ELE (Extinction Level Event), but it sure is going to make life difficult for a LONG time if it does hit.

  13. I believe in God, not in a year mor number.
    End of the world by 2012?
    The more people I see pointing to a specific date like 21 or 22 DEC 2012? The more at peace I feel because nobody knows exactly when the last events will ocurr; only God knows that. So, if many many many people point to 2012, then that daye / year must be wrong.
    Mayans’ calendar? They sculped a calendar in stone, which started as a big piece of rock, it was shaped as desired, and then symbols for dates and years were sculped/engraved on it. Sooner or later they ran out of space and ended in 2012. It is like filling a 8.5×11 sheet of paper with dates. Sooner or later the page will be full and there will be no room to write more dates. If you use a smaller font then more dates can be written, if using a large font size then fewer dates can be written on the paper. If the mayans had used smaller symbols for their dates, or if they had started with a larger rock we would be discussing about 3012 or 2438 or another year.

  14. I believe that the Mayans were right about it. There is no other reason, to me, why their calender would have just ended on that day? I’ve seen pictures of the calender thing. It’s not because they ran out of room. There was still room. Whether the picture was just photoshopped I dont know. But I know alot of the predictions like, geomagnetic reversal, solar maximums, global warming, and collision with the planet Nibiru (planet X). And then predictions from friends and family, like the world collapsing in on itself and aliens. There have been people saying the world would end in 2000, 2004, 2008. But those dates didnt have legit reasons.

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