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Do you believe in 2012 or astrology?

Just curios as to what people think =]


  1. The extensive preparations for the start of LHC experiments have included exhaustive safety assessments, including the potential risk of creating new particles, black holes etc. The latest risk assessment is not to be alarmed and that a micro black hole will be proved to have no ill effects to our world’s existence.

  2. 2012 is a very significant year, astrologically. 2012 marks the end of an age part of the Great Year(41000 years). This is why the Mayan calendar ends on 2012. The Bible you read is a mistranslation, it says the end of the world, but the actual bible actually says the end of an age. 2012 is the end of the age of pisces, you know that fish everyone has on their car. It represents pisces. 2012 for the rest of us will mean nothing, but for the ones who like to study mythology will understand its true meaning while dumb people call it superstition because they have been damaged by all these religious freaks waking around and saying the world will end.

  3. The two are not related. 🙂
    There is no “doomsday prophecy” for 2012, by the Mayans or by any other ancient culture. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to make a buck by twisting around conveniently vague prophecies.
    Astrology also does not confirm the “2012 doomsday.” For one thing, I don’t see astrology as capable of predicting specific events at all, and two I see as more of a psychological symbolic language. Astrologers will differ on the hows and whys of astrology. I can only speak for myself. The stars do not make anything happen to you, they’re only reflecting what is already happening via synchronicity. A good analogy is that a clock striking noon doesn’t make you eat lunch, but it does make it a lot more likely than lunch will be had if that’s the schedule you’re on. I do not believe that astrology can predict specific events, only archetypal themes that will be in play. A particular aspect can play out in an infinite number of ways, but it doesn’t “just mean anything,” it will stick to the archetypal themes of the planets, signs, houses and aspects involved. Many psychological concepts, such as the midlife crisis, have an astrological correlate.
    Also to correct some common misconceptions by people who have only a superficial knowledge of astrology:
    – 2012 is NOT the end of the Age of Pisces/beginning of the Age of Aquarius. That’s at least another 150 years away, by the more conservative estimates. There are only 2 possible dates for this: when the spring equinox Sun appears to rise in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, or in the constellation Aquarius. (Constellations and zodiac signs are *not* the same thing.)
    – The Sun “aligns” (by conjunction) with the Galactic Center once a year, every year. Pluto aligning with it happens much less often, and we just went through that without incident. And when talking about “alignments,” people really need to be more specific. There’s many different kinds of “alignments” (known as aspects) in astrology.
    – History Channel Fail: Nostradamus drawing with 3 moons means 2012, because there will be 3 eclipses in 2012. Wrong: there are a *minimum* of 4 eclipses every year. They’re not visible in all locations, and not always total eclipses, but there will always be at least 4.


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