Home Discussion Forum Do you believe humans have a subconscious mind?

Do you believe humans have a subconscious mind?


  1. yes, we wouldn’t be able to breathe without thinking of it every second, our body wouldn’t function by itself without it. We’d have to think of every function of our bodies non stop just to live.

  2. What?!? of course all humans have a subconcious mind its at its work as you speak type etc…. its the mind that controls your breathing ..think about it , do you actually make your self breathe or are you even aware that you are breathing as you are reading this message?… the subconscious is the mind when you sleep (dream)…its you inner thoughts… its the part of the mind in which you do thing without being aware

  3. Humans have very different steps and processes that thier brains go through. So yes they have a sub conscious, this includes a part that stores everything you have ever thought about – it holds everything we have ever seen, gone through – learned. This part of our mind takes up most of the brain and its a part that we cant readily just fly through or listen to. We have to slowly look through it for some answers , and some answers come to us quickly.The mind is a complex , and very amazing part in living. It connects us to ourselves and the universe. If we did not have a subconcious mind we would not be able to hold any of the information without it over bearin our thought [ like with out it, our thought would be more that one and it would be loud and many thoughts at once because there would be no where for our research to sleep at. so yes.


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