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Do you believe human consciousness lives on after death in some form, exhibited the Near Death Experiences?

Many people report having consciousness and weird out of body experiences after they are diagnosed as dead for a few seconds or a minute or so at hospitals.
What is your opinion on this?
Question written on January 11, 2009
I wonder how the brain is capable of making the illusions, any ideas?


  1. If you come back from it with a dream memory you weren’t really dead and if you don’t come back you can’t relate a near death experience.

  2. i would have to say no. alot of people forget that the brain continues to function for a little while after the heart stops beating. so all the funny things happening can mostly be explained because, well the brain is shutting down. when people ask me what happens to the consciousness when you die, i like to respond by saying are you ever “aware” of being asleep, or can you only reflect back on it when fully conscious. the awareness we experience is in all simplicity just electrical signals. I dont think its possible to be consciously aware of death when there is no brain activity. its not possible to be aware of sleep when one is still alive so how can one be aware of anything when dead. were you aware of anything before you were born, no. why should we be after death. I do not believe in any creator but i understand death as being an essential part of life and i am not afraid it. when you really think about it death is just the beginning. i am going to ask that i not be buried in a casket and that a giant sequoia be planted over me. I think it would be cool if someone did a study with this, like does a tree planted over someone grow at a faster rate because of the nutrients gathered from the body. I understand that my body(as will everyone’s) will be recycled back into the earth and I will go into places and be used in ways i can never imagine. even though i will have no awareness of it, its still cool to think about.
    its also difficult to understand how some people consider humans as something separate from animals. granted humans are capable of amazing things, this does not automatically gives us special status. if you really pay attention to creatures its difficult to say that they can not have some type of awareness. we know that many apes even elephants are self aware so this question could be applied to them as well. i like to think that some species of ant may be aware at a small level. they are smart enough to recognize when a member is showing signs of a fungi infection. if the member is not removed and the fungi sprouts it can wipe out the entire colony. once noticed though the infected ant is carried away from the colony, a pretty good distance too. no one can say that this is instinctual behavior because these infections are not common enough to the same colony. normally ants carry their dead and soon to be dead to a designated spot that is sorta like a dumb, so it stands to reason that they are aware enough not to take those particular ants to that place. i know i strayed from the question but is it fair to say humans are the only animal with an awareness.


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