Home Discussion Forum Do you believe human consciousness exists in more than one dimension?

Do you believe human consciousness exists in more than one dimension?

Do you believe in a “non-local” mind? What about a collective unconscious?


  1. I’d have to believe in a collective consciousness, since being on Yahoo!xtra answers.
    The reason I say this is because in so many questions I have answered, there have been people with the same answer, that I didn’t even know had that same thought. Sometimes there are time delays, in the time it takes for your answer to be shown on the internet,because of all the traffic, around the world, on the world wide web.
    Its amazing really, how so many different people, from so many different countries, can have the same thoughts, or solutions!

  2. Well … i don’t know about extra-dimensionally, but i believe the conscious mind survives the death of the body.
    Hence, my belief undoubtedly in the Eternal States. (Heaven & Hell).
    When we dream, our minds are still active; when in a coma our minds are still active; so, i do not necessarily believe that the body is the only reason for brain functions whereas it concerns sentience.
    I do not believe in extra dimensions such as similar to ‘parallel universes’ (i don’t know if that’s what you are referencing per se) but i do believe that our conscious minds are linked to our souls, and that they live on after the death of the body.
    xoxo ♥
    EDIT: I do not believe that human beings share conciousness with one another; i believe it is individual. On certain issues we may “think the same” but we do not share thoughts, if that’s what you mean.

  3. Is consciousness contained
    within a bottle we call mind?
    For if that is the case explained,
    adventure’s with the wine we find.
    But did they, if any remained,
    take the cork or leave behind?
    And if that is, we wish mankind
    will find fine thoughts entwined.
    If the wine were gone like the wind
    we would, of course, be right behind.
    And if it remained, perhaps to remind,
    we would indulge and might go blind.

  4. What a great question. Yes, I do believe that human consciousness exists in more than one dimension. And, I believe in alternate universes. We are led by the decisions we make daily. It’s like little forks in the road. Every day, we meet those people who are like us. We are like magnets. Hence the collective mind.


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