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Do you believe GOD can heal you?

Do you believe in the power of GOD?
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I use to be ashame to tell what GOD had done for me because I thought people weould not believe me or think I’m crazy. Well, I don’t care no more. It’s not about me or what people may think it’s all about GOD. This is what GOD done for me….(he has done a lot more than this, I’m just share this one)….
It all started 2006. I had surgery and I was home sleep. My husband was watching T.V. I was awaken by a strong chill that went over my body. I woke up and I didn’t think anything else about it…Well, I woke up couple hours later, I was extremely sick, sweaty, in a lot of pain, and extremely weak etc. My husband called my doctor and she told me to come in. Well I got there and my temp was 101, my BP was 90/50 and I was pale and my lips was red. I was so weak I could not hardly hold my head up. I don’t remember how I looked or nothing, I jus remember how I felt. Well, she admit me in the hospital on Monday. They ran so many test and x-rays. Well, they discovered I had blood on my lungs and in my pelvis. We was like where is this coming from? So than they put a tube in my pelvis to drain the blood. How about no blood would drain in the tube. I was getting worse and worse, they was finding nothing. Everything was showng up normal. Well, I was just laying there sick, I heard a voice tell me stop putting so much trust in the doctor and put it in GOD. Well, my faith was up after that and I begin to just trust in GOD. It went on and on the next couple days. On Thursday day night, the nurse had come in took all my vitals and eveything was still the same. Low BP and high fever. I went to sleep and I was awaken by a strange voice saying Don’t call on God, cause God has given me up and was showing me theses images and saying don’t call on Jesus. I was saved and I knew better than this. I kne not to listen to the enemy. I called on my God anyhow, the more he talked the more I called on Jesus. A few seconds later, all at once, everything left me, the pains, the fever, the sweat, the blood pressure. I was totally healed. The nurse came in to check my vitals and everything was normal, she me and my husband this strange look and walked out. They ran some more test on me, there was no blood in my pelvis or my lungs. My blood count was up. (they thought they would have to give me a blood transfusion). My doctor came in the next morning and she said I can’t explain this, maybe it was a kidney infection, cause this is unusual. My husband and I was like it was GOD. She also was a believer and she said I’m a witness to that cause prayer changes things. She said well you can go home……….
Til this day, I don’t know why I had to experience this but it did prove to me that the GOD I serve is awesome and a healer. The enemy thought he was going to take me out but he couldn’t. GOD healed me. I thank GOD so much for this experience, so I can tell others about it. He did it for me and he can do it for you also. I don’t care what the situation is or how bad it looks. My situation looked bad, this happened all at once but they couldn’t find anything. I came to know this was a spiritual fight. GOD showed me what he can do. I am a strong believer and I hope this will help anyone, that has doubt or just don;t believe. I can tell you what he done for me, but you got to try him for yourself. I thank GOD for my husband who was there by my side the whole time praying for me and anointing me with oil. This is one of the few things GOD has done for me. Hope it inspires you!!! GOD bless!!
Do you believe in GOD’s power? Give your life to CHRIST today! E-mail me or im me if you have any questions to want to get saved.


  1. Yes! I was healed too! I was on a walker & I couldnt hardly walk I went to church & was prayed for & God healed me on the spot! No— maybe! I layed down my walker & jumped & ran around to show my joy. I was 45 years old at the time. I know God heals & I know not just in the Bible days but today too.

  2. No.
    Healing is something that people do, not god. He may give you the power and the strength to do it, but it is a result of chemical and physical might that actually do the healing. Will power is a very strong thing.

  3. Of course I believe that God can heal I believe the miracles that he has been responsible for I believe he can give miracles and take away sicknesses that can’t be taken away

  4. If you where that sick you could of been easily hallucinating. But hey if it works for you and your getting some kind of strength from it by all means keep believing. But to delude yourself and try and gain conversions is the object of most every religion and that in its self is why to me they are ALL wrong. Its essentially saying that anyone other then them are living the wrong life.

  5. I don’t think you even said that it was an STD you were talking about, but because you put this bait-and-switch non-question on the STD-questions forum, I am assuming that you were talking about STDs.
    God curses sexually promiscuous people with STDs; it is written in the Bible:
    “The LORD will send boils on you, as he did on the Egyptians. He will make your bodies break out with sores. You will be covered with scabs, and you will itch, but there will be no cure.”
    – Deuteronomy 28:27
    It is quite clear that the Bible is talking about STDs, incurable STDs, which are used to punish people who abuse God’s rules regarding sex. It becomes even more clear when you read the entire chapter and understand its context (that way, irrational people can’t deny the truth with their petulant hostility to the above verse).
    Personally, I thank God for inflicting non-monogamous (my definition of non-monogamous includes people who practice serial monogamy, which is really not monogamy at all) people with STDs. I think all of those non-monogamous people deserve to have the itch for the rest of their lives for their blatant disregard for the diving laws regarding sex.

  6. How can we question faith. I feel God has given us Doctors that can do great medical things for us, but if we rely upon God to just heal us we are fools. No doubt there are medical mysteries and I have no doubt that God does play a part in this, but with all that is going on in the world, so many illness, AIDS in young children, so many deaths-God can not heal everything/everyone. He has given us brains to work with, the power to think, Doctors, medical personnel. It is up to us to do what is in our best interest.


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