Do you believe emotions or thoughts leave behind an energy others can pick up?

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Do you believe strong emotions or thoughts leave behind some kind of subtle energy that others can pick up?
For example, two people have an intense argument in a room. They leave and someone else enters. Even without hearing or seeing the fight or people, they sense something negative in that room.
What do you think of this?

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Freezing Temperature

No but I do believe that negative people bring negativity to other people around them.


A person’s emotions definitely impact others! I think that the tension or peace that accompanies a person’s emotions stays with them though. When they leave the room, it follows them.


Yes. I have experience that. How about when you have afeelign someone have talked bad about you, your supposed friends who are envious of you? I feel the negative vibe in my heart. I ccan just feel it.
Love is what we all want. LOVE IS GOD. We all can feel negativity because we have love in us. God can give us LOVE without feeling in that way. He’ll create a world without tears, sadness, and etc


Crap I better stop masturbating in the living room.


It’s not impossible, but until compelling evidence is presented, there is no reason to believe it.


It’s possible.
Such a person might be able to smell the hormones excreted during the argument, perhaps not liminally, but their intuition can provide such data. The might call it “energy” to model the phenomenon, but that’s not making a claim about nature.


I think it’s nonsensical garbage. Emotions don’t leave residue behind. They are intangible.


I don’t know for a scientific fact that this happens. BUT yes I do believe that feelings of Peace, Tension, hate, like, dislike can be picked up as energy. its a scientific fact that our neurological system functions on electrical impulses. biological electromagnetism. and electromagnetism is energy. whether or not its spiritual related I cant be sure. I am somewhat a buddhist agnostic. I cant go claiming things that I just don’t know. but I am sure there are people out there that have sustained certain experiences that gave them a stronger than normal, lets say, intuition. is our spirit or soul this energy? or is it all biological I am just not sure. but as a person that practices some aspects of buddhism I am deep down a spiritual person. I just don’t like to admit it sometimes 😛


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