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Do you believe dragons truly exist as astral beings, or do you think they ever existed physically?

I think they exist as astral beings. Most of the cultures that have stories about dragons speak of them in a mystical sense, such as being guardians of nature, and such.


  • No and No.

    “Astral being?” Seriously? There’s no such thing.
    You want to claim there is…provide some evidence.


  • Yes they did and do exist.
    They have exceedingly slow digestive systems, and thus have very powerful, bad gas.
    They have teeth that are highly abrasive.
    When they want to spew fire, they release the gas and use their teeth as a match striking surface area, if you will.
    The wings work very similar to a hummingbird and the tail serves as a rudder.
    Since so much has been written about dragons, and since so many people believe in them, they have to exist.

  • I believe that stories of dragons were invented to explain dinosaur bones and other relics of prehistoric animals.

  • I think it’s a large possibility that they existed physically. Now as for any of the mystical, magical, guardian stuff I’m not sure of. I come to this conclusion because it’s a known fact that dinosaurs once lived and scientist found a gland in ( though it’s small ) the komodo dragon that can produce fire. Plus they contain poison in their teeth that’s deadlier than a cobra

  • Dragons literally existed. After the Flood they left the ark and spread out. After awhile most of them either couldn’t adapt to the new environment or were killed off by men.

    As they became more scarce, legends, myths, and fables grew around them. Pretty soon instead of dinosaurs you have these mythical dragons.

  • Well dragons mentioned by the people of our past I believe were just big lizards. But, based on the theories of the multiverse were every possibility arises in another universe, I believe that dragons do exist but in another universe.

  • I think someone saw a kodo dragon one day (or some kind of big lizard) and got extremely frightened from it. Then every time the story was told, the dragon would seem to get bigger and bigger and thus, the dragons.

  • Well considering that many carnivorous dinosaurs were ancient ancestors of today’s birds. There may very well have been a transitory species which had reptilian features as well as wings.

  • Well I’ve seen vids of Komodo dragons.


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