Do you believe crystals can have healing properties?

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by Pepper:

I’ve read that they can help align your chakras and put your body’s energy back into balance.

Answer by Gazoo for Prezident
Don’t be silly. Of course not.

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Paulina Paulino

As much as I believe in religious figures having healing properties.
In other words, not at all.

james o

I think they are beautiful, and beauty can have a healing tendency.
Beyond that, I am not aware of one single item of evidence that in any way suggests that these stones have any power at all.
There are lots of folks who don’t care about that; they want a miracle they don’t have to work for, and stones give the illusion of that to them. They don’t want to know the truth.

Alien Jesus

matter is condensed energy, a quartz crystal would be very dense condensed energy, much more energy than say a piece of chalk. Healing properties? The body heals itself.


I do not believe in magic and that is yet another type of magic.

Acid Zebra

Align your whatnow? And “my body’s energy”? Is this electrochemical energy, or thermal, or what? And how would a piece of rock influence that – by what mechanism?

☣Hardstyle☣ ☣ Jesus ☣

As long as its not your main source of health medical stuff it couldnt hurt.


like crystal meth?

Trawler, Ogre Mage

some do.
aspirin, for instance.
abaddono1> or ..well, that one.


mixture of crystals of NaCl and sugar mixed in water and ingested is knows to cure diarrhea.


Not the crystals themselves. I think the belief in them though has a placebo/psychological effect which can aid towards healing. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t believe this belief can heal 100% though. It’s the same with other similar methods. All psychology.
I’ve nothing against people who believe in this stuff as long as they don’t try to claim to others it’s the *only* way to heal and to ignore medicine.


i beleive its possible
, if heat, , sound, light, etc can affect us, i dont see why other forms of energy wouldnt

Jen from DragonFae Creations

Everything has an energy vibration. Crystals are included in this. The proof of that is in your watch that includes a Quartz crystal in it. The vibrations and energies from crystals work with our own. Crystals do not magically heal, however they do help us by speeding up what your body is already capable of doing. Crystals will certainly help align and open your chakras. It is recommended to have 1 crystal per chakra that is the same color for that specific chakra. The following are crystals that are recommended and that I personally use for a chakra crystal layout. Amethyst for the Crown, Lapis Lazuli or Iolite for the Third Eye, Blue Lace Agate for the Throat, Green Aventurine or Emerald for the Heart, Citrine for the Solar Plexus, Carnelian for the Sacral, Garnet for the Base/Root, and Smoky Quartz at my feet for grounding.
Crystals are also capable of much more than aligning the chakras and balancing the body’s energy. An example of that is Emerald which is helpful for upset stomachs. My dad was a non-believer just as most of the people who respond to your question will be. While visiting at his house one evening he did not feel well. I put my natural Emerald pendant on him. Within less than 10 minutes his stomach ache was gone that had been bothering him all day. That’s one example of many. Those who do not believe in crystals’ healing abilities simply have not felt their effects for themselves.


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