Do you believe by mastering virtue you can have supernatual powers?

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“Virtue”, translated from Chinese de (å¾·), is also an important concept in Chinese philosophy, particularly Daoism. De (Chinese: å¾·; Pinyin: dé; Wade-Giles: te) originally meant normative “virtue” in the sense of “personal character; inner strength; integrity”, but semantically changed to moral “virtue; kindness; morality”. Note the semantic parallel for English virtue, with an archaic meaning of “inner potency; divine power” (as in “by virtue of”) and a modern one of “moral excellence; goodness”.
Master virtue and you will know all =
[2:35:07 PM] ahxime says:
I do because i have these powers on and off and on thing because of misunderstand in communications withing powers in our heart(ego)(vibe)spiritual gardiance) what ever you call it

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Third P

I agree because virtue is a power of acting, a form of ability. The more a man can preserve his being and seek what is useful to him , the greater is his virtue.

Fr. Al+

To master virtue either in the sense of character or morality is to be in complete accord with one’s higher nature. As metaphysics builds upon physics, the supernatural results from the natural. Since there is power in all things one with such mastery truly owns supernatural powers.
Thank you for elucidating the te of the Tao te Ching. Much is often missed in translation. I have always found the work of Lao Tzu an excellent study in Ethics and a good source of power.


no i don’t believe this…but then i don’t read enough comic books i guess…supernatural powers are just another level of our imagination and not real for anyone but the person under that delusion

azman m

inspiration mind and body through knowledge and skill.


By mastering virtue? No. Supernatural powers? No. I don’t want to explain why.


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