Do you believe anything Deepak Chopra says?

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isn’t he just rehashing ancient Indian beliefs, that could easily be found elsewhere?
Or are his books worth reading?

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Keenon K

NOT A SINGLE WORD! Don’t go anywhere near his books!

Cronk Almighty

Durka durka durka


He’s just trying to make money. And obviously it’s working.


Chopra summarizes a lot of centuries-old beliefs in his books. I think you can get a lot out of his writings on meditation and yoga, once you get past his self-righteous tone.
However, a lot of what he writes comes off sounding like old-wives tales to me. Especially his books about food and weight control – cold water makes you fat? I don’t think so!


Check one out at the library for no cost. He’s one of many writers out there all writing about the same thing. If he communicates effectively to you then I say read him. I don’t think any of his ideas are unique, but most knowledge of that topic is recycled from somewhere.


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