do you beleive that psychic powers are being used by those around us?

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why or why not? EXPLAIN.

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I use Psychic powers all the time and I am aware of others around me who are also using theirs

christine m

Yes and they charge money, Everyone has the power to think,observe,and decide. So the psychic’s don’t do anything you can’t,just pay attention

janet d

i use psychic powers.i use telekinesis sometimes.i believe because i can use telekinesis and i see people using psychic powers.


Of course,tune in and use yours to find answers.


Let them but nothing happens unless we let it happen.The theory of psychic powers is a fraud and no body can demonstrate it in the open.


Do all people have telekinesis abilities or only some?

Do all people have telekinesis abilities or only some? In a matter of fact, does it really exist or no? (Powered by Yahoo Answers)

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How evil was Aleister Crowley?

He was known as the wickedest man in the world, was he not? Just how 'evil' could he have been?
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