Do you beleive in the Incubus ?

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I am currently writing a story about an Incubus and just wondered if anyone acactuallyelieved in them? i have read things online about woman being attacked but i reckon his place is alot more brutally honest !

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Ĝ๏รรα๓єя Ƹ̵Ӝ̵̄Ʒ

I love the band Incubus, but I think they are a figure in folklore.


Yeah…sure…because there is soooo much proof that daemons are real…Get real seriously…


Nope. It’s all crap.


The incubus is just an ancient form of Make-believe.


It’s just an excuse they used in the olden days to explain wet dreams or “unexplained” pregnancies out of wedlock.


Well firstly no I don’t but then I did have a totally odd waking dream that someone was sitting on my chest and holding my arm up.. which was strange.
When I became truly awake my arm was straight out and up in front of me as it it had been held in the air.
Two nights later I was drifting off to sleep and facing away from the side of the bed and then it felt like someone leaned over me and I heard my name whispered. When I looked there was no one there.
But that could have just been a dream to be honest.

Acuna Bane

i never really thought much of them. but sometimes you just have to wonder.


**To FairyDreams, what you had could be sleep paralysis. It’s normal. It has happened to me a couple of times. It’s really scary, I also thought it was something supernatural but it isn’t.
To Lisa, I don’t believe in the incubus. It all can be attributed to dreams and or chemical imbalances of the people that claimed to have this experiences.

Rachel M

Of course. They are a male demon that visits you in your sleep and feeds on you with sexual practises and gives you your deepest desires.



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