Home Discussion Forum Do you beleive in spirits/entitys/psychic attack ect?

Do you beleive in spirits/entitys/psychic attack ect?

Question here for everyone, especially for shrinks though.
Do you believe in psychic phenonoma (eg. unexpected awakenings of perception, telepathic mind games, psychic attack, entity obsession that could case an unpleasnt condition that has “symptons” in common with schitzopherenia or psychosis?


  1. hahaha yeah, i kind of am schizophrenic (i’m not diagnosed with it, i just know i am and almost everyone around me agrees).
    but, i think i have some ESP… but nothing very special. yeah, i guess i believe in it cuz sometimes i do wake up to weird dreams and the next morning parts of that dream come true (even horror and random dreams), just in a different way.

  2. Personally…no
    Does that mean they don’t exist…not necessarily
    I’m more of a down to earth kinda guy…nothing out of the ordinary. Just on yahoo answers while listening to Enter Sandman.
    However, were only human, and humans can’t explain everything in the world. No matter how much science has disproved religion or spiritual beliefs, science can’t (for sure) prove that their isn’t a god(s), and I still don’t know how Criss Angel does some of his tricks.
    Now I know a lot of psychics are fakes, and a lot of the psychic ablitiies are related to a form of psychosis, but you never know what’s really out there.


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