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Do you beleive in people who can see auras?

my friends grandma was so used to seeing auras. It was just normal for her. One day she went to step into a lift, and she noticed than everyone in there did NOT have an aura. She thought it was strang so she took a step back. That lift crashed and everyone in it died. true story
do you have any thing you can share.
please dont be narrow minded. at least be fair in your explanations


  1. Sure, I believe in auras and those that can see them. Apparently, mine is Lavender.

  2. No. I know people cannot see auras. If you can, I will put 10 people of varying heights behind a screen. You will be unable to see the tops of their heads. All I need to know are their respective heights, from tallest to shortest.

  3. I believe there are people who see pink elephants, but I don’t believe in the pink elephants. They are a product of their mind.

  4. Well lucky for her! Seriously!
    yes I believe in them. I haven’t practiced and couldn’t tell you my color. I’d like to believe its bright but sometimes I feel dark. Do they change color?? lol I would assume they do, just as moods change.
    I am very open minded about this stuff. 😀

  5. Auras around people are not a good thing at all because it means that they are too close to extremely high voltage.

  6. Well for what I understand about the human been the spirit is where our conscience reside our Communion with God and Intuition that intuition is what saves us in many occasions when we sense that something is wrong I don’t know much about the brain or the physics of it but may be she has develop a way to sense and see what common people have no develop I have similar experiences my own but I don’t pay much attention to it perhaps I should

  7. yeah, but not just anyone.
    i was told by a regarded tarot reader & spiritual healer that my aura is red.
    i later checked my aura (asteroid) on astro.com, and my aura is aries.

  8. I know some people can pick up vibes but actually see something? i dunno. I have never met anyone who said they can do that so i can’t really judge. I am not sure i even believe people have auras, maybe just vibes, but not an actual aura with a color around them lol

  9. I think it’s true. My friend seemed to see auras in people…he assigned people “colors”. And he had an uncanny way of sensing people’s vibes. That’s really interesting.

  10. yep
    look at some drawings in Buddhist traditions and Christian traditions, you will see them.
    In Buddhism, someone who does crimes/immorality in serious level has darkened aura. Someone with bright aura is healthy and mentally sound.
    I don’t know how the Christians describe aura.
    We humans have heat, electricity, magnetism, etc. so I don’t have problem about aura.

  11. Well, that is an interesting story! Did your friend’s grandmother not go on the lift?
    I don’t see auras, but I think people can. I always wondered what my color was.

  12. yes i believe in it. i can see them at certain times. i only get flashes of them, i saw my ex husbands once, it was white and glowing. another time, my ex and i both saw them, we were on mushrooms. but it wasn’t because we were tripping, but rather, the mushrooms actually enabled us to see real auras. mine is blue his is an orangey magenta (different ex). anyways i’ve taken a lot of quizzes online that said i have a blue aura. after we saw each others auras we went online and read about the colors we saw and they both explained us to a T. but yeah, that’s a crazy story… sad 🙁
    oh btw when we saw each others auras it wasn’t a glow that surrounded us like you read about. it was actually US. like he glowed that color and i glowed blue, like he kept seeing flashes of my face turn blue, and it was mainly when i was laughing or deep in some philosophical thought.


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