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Do you beleive in mental telepathy?

pls comment about mental telepathy, does it really work? thinking of a person and that person might as well be thinking of you….


  1. all telepathy is mental
    and yes
    and in some rare cases people have had that gift
    also it seems to happen between people that are very close .like mother and child ,or twins

  2. I believe it exists on some level…there is so much we do not understand about the workings on the human mind. Currently research indicates that we only use around 10% of our brain…so who knows. We all have had premonitions about things. So yes, I do believe.

  3. yes.i do believe in telepathy .it always happen with me when I’m thinking of someone and at the same time found him calling me .sometimes he or she can feel the same as I’m.sometimes we can feel each other if someone sick i can feel him or her.but it happen always for the people that i love them nomatter they are beside me or abroad.

  4. telepathy is really and i believe it is cause by mutations in peoples genetic codes that allow them to access a larger percentage of their brain power then normal humans. So imagine we only use 8% of our brains so imagine the possibility if we can unlock 30 or 50 percent of our brain power


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