Home Discussion Forum do you beleive in meditation and auras and energies?

do you beleive in meditation and auras and energies?

I went to a class last night and its interesting.. i think it explains alot. anyone that wants to talk about it? what do you think about it.


  1. Yes.
    You have hit upon 3 very different areas here.
    meditation is very good to remain grounded and calm. To quiet down your mind. To get peace.
    Also meditation can help you go exteriour….to have an out of body experience.
    These are common with people who meditate.
    Energies? We all have energy. We all have a certain energy that we put out. some of the most dynamic people you meet you can actually feel this energy when you are in their space. It is very noticeable.
    I wish I was more like this myself. Or I know how to be a more power person.
    I don’t know much about auras so I won’t comment.

  2. Yes because it has not been proven untrue and some have been able to see it but just because I cannot see it does not mean it does not exist.

  3. I don’t believe in meditation, I practice meditation to become centered in my thinking and increase my awareness of my surroundings in the here and now. Auras and energies are just a bunch of New Age recycled myth to pretty up whatever teaching is being peddled. You would be much better served by going to a Zen Meditation Center and learning how to practice the Art of Living.
    Have a real grateful day.

  4. More New Age nonsense to bilk people out of their money. To me, energy is just Force X Distance and is measured in Joules, Calories, or Foot-Pounds. To a New Age guru, energy is some vague, undefinable stuff whose only physical effect is to suck money out of the wallets of suckers…

  5. Meditation is simply a method of relaxing your entire body and mind and entering a serene state. It does not have to be connected to any religion.
    Auras and energies? Maybe. I’m an open-minded skeptic.


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