Home Discussion Forum Do you beleive in magic/magick, ghosts, and other stuff like that?

Do you beleive in magic/magick, ghosts, and other stuff like that?


  1. Yes, but more as energy. I believe energy never dies, and have for a long time.
    I don’t actually believe in BOOM, GHOSTS! but I definitely believe that there is energy left behind from humans. Basically spirits.
    As for magick/magic, I believe it’s more as releasing energy.

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  3. Absolutely. Magic is real and has been here since the beginning of man, with all religion and personal beliefs aside, it is still used today. Whether it’s used for good or bad, the outcomes for both can be effective. The teachings are out there.
    Ghosts are also present. As a past resident of a haunted house, I am a firm believer of the paranormal and continue to learn about it. It’s a challenging subject because it divides so many. I think it’s because the truth of things are slowly getting reviled, and minds are opening up to a more accepting level of clarity. Faith and belief is even testing the notion more and more. I think for the people who don’t believe is because they haven’t experience it, or not recognizing it when it does happen. The proof is out there and what you’re looking for is everywhere; Photographs, EVP’s, Infrared, Film, Personal hands on encounters, Possessions, ect. The list is endless.What we haven’t proven yet is WHAT causes this phenomenon to happen, and of course if it’s a debate of Good and Evil, passing energy, or Neither at that matter. I think it also comes down to, is people not accepting it because we don’t understand it, that simple. It fathoms me beyond belief, trust me! With plenty and plenty of lifetime experiences, and continuing taking the Craft further, I would say Yes spirits, ghosts, entities exists.
    What we often call supernatural, is simply the misunderstood.

  4. I sure do!
    But I dislike to use the word magic/magick. I prefer saying energy bending or energy channelling. It’s more scientific and science is all me. I love to mix up spirituality and science. It’s crazy how they can perfectly blend at times…
    I believe in ghosts, but more in a spirit-like way. I don’t think ghosts are those white blankets going trough walls and stuff. They are spirits from dead people. =)
    After death, the body dies, but not the soul. The soul either travels to another dimension [Christians call it paradises, Wiccans call it Summer-land and etc…] or it’s stays trapped on Earth because of emotions bounding him/her there.
    I have never experienced any paranormal activity, except dream clairvoyance. I do a lot of premonition dreams. I can only tell my own future, so I wouldn’t call that being psychic. I also saw auras in 8th grade, but it stopped. =/ I’m desperately trying to find a way to see them again.
    And I’m also sensitive to people emotions. I can sense what they’re feeling. WARNING, scientific explanation : Whenever we start feeling a certain emotion, our body heat changes. Unconsciously, some people can feel that change of heat, which causes the person to sense someone else’s feelings and emotions. For example, when we are happy, the body heat emanating is normal, when we are angry it’s warmer, when we are scared is cooler, etc…
    Other stuff I believe in is energy channel. I believe everything is connected somehow. =)
    There’s also a lot of other things I believe in, but I don’t want to write something too long. I hate to be boring!

  5. I’m absolutely INTO them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried many..as in MANY spells and some of them worked
    the secret is you have to believe and make your pshycic mind work
    One time when my arms have wound i chanted the STOP THE BLEEDING spell and it did work!!it also worked when my calssmates foot has been wounded…
    its so amazing!!!!!!!!!


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