Home Discussion Forum Do you beleive in Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)?

Do you beleive in Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)?


  1. well i think something could possible exist, although this could be linked to either luck or coincidence.
    we all get that feeling whereby we feel uneasy about something or have a hunch.
    i remember once when I predicted a van would pull out of a side road infront of me, so I braked early and it did pull too lol.
    I suppose some of it could be linked to life experiences,
    I dont think anything has been 100% proven, so until it is, I will just think that I have super mind powers for the mean time 8)

  2. Not really. But that’s not to say it doesn’t exist. I however do believe in ESP (Electronic Stability Program) by Mercedes which keeps their cars from flipping over. It does actually safe lives. But only the occupants lives of course

  3. I’m checking to see if you have it this is my answer concentrate
    did you get it?

  4. Yes it does exist.
    ESP is basically what it says, your brain uses all the information given to it from your 5 senses to understand a situation and predict what will happen.
    Many of these observations are so subtle that we don’t consciously realise them, giving the idea that we have some sort of “super power” that we never thought we had.

  5. I do not believe there is a mental connection that allows for one person to know what another is thinking. I do not believe events of the world are in some cloud floating around the universe that allows us to see what will take place in the future. I do not believe our brains are capable of reaching out and moving an object just by thinking about it.
    These are all magical ways of thinking that are not based on our understanding of the laws of the universe. If these things can be done there is no evidence, they have not been explained and they certainly haven’t shown themselves to be predictable or reproducible. So there is no evidence of any kind beyond the subjective and unreliable personal anecdote.

  6. Yes I believe in esp, but it could also be explained by some people having a really good ability to pick up details that others miss.

  7. I know of ESP as more of a feeling (not an outright picture in the brain, a dream or some voice or something), and I feel that ESP is strong among family members (maybe having to do with DNA). You get a kind of sick feeling when a family member has died. Your attention is off and later you find out you close relative went to the hospital or was in an accident. I do see it as a guide (maybe even it’s associated with your your having learned right from wrong and your conscience kicks in from former knowledge), and I kind of consider it an extra sense (like seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, smelling, etc.)
    I do not see ESP as mental telepathy (although some people call it that), nor do I see it as something a fortune teller would do. I do not know that strangers to one another have ESP and I don’t know that people can cure someone by putting their hands on them.

  8. Yes, as per the evidence. The AutoGanzfeld has produced repeated positive results at statistically significant levels.
    Remote Viewing (via StarGate) has also shown repeated positive results. Both of these experiments have critics of course but arguments (that are legit) are based on theory (or lack of such) and poor methodology and bad statistics are no longer valid arguments in most parapsychological experiments (especially the 2 above). Of course every experiment needs to be evaluated on it’s own.
    I have provided some links for you below.

  9. Yes, but I don’t think I have it…I’ve been trying to send “messages” that Psiexplorer guy should be a T.C. on the Paranormal/Parapsychology sites. So far I don’t see a badge under his name.

  10. all i can tell you ,in my personal experience it exists(ESP)
    ESP is most commonly called the “sixth sense.” It is sensory information that an individual receives which comes beyond the ordinary five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It can provide the individual with information of the present, past, and future; as it seems to originate in a second, or alternate reality.

  11. Yes, I do. Even ESP is acepted by the science and by universities that are dedicated to the Parapsychology, for example: Duke University.
    There were many people who got virtues about ESP:
    *Jean Paul II
    *Isaac Newton and
    *James Cröokes.
    Some scientist say that when we born, we developed some ESP, but depends of us if we continue develop it or not.
    We have to make our conclusions.


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