Do you beleive in black magick?





not only in black magick itself, but also when the person had bad intentions towards, do you think that can affect you? when i see black magick i dont only mean voodoo but bad intentions, bad vibes, someone hating you or is envious of you…


  1. Grins… that is sort of like asking if one believes in “black electricity”. It has the capability of causing either benefit or harm. However, magick is thought to be an exercise of Will so intent and motivation enters into the equation. Keeping this in mind magic intended to cause other people difficulty or harm is not “black” it is just a plain old fashioned curse.
    As for the “Law of Three” adverse actions against undeserving people can result in hundreds or even thousands of negative feedbacks. Who said there was a limitation?

  2. I believe in magick, it does not come in colours. I don’t think that any one who practice it would do it to cause harm because IF they are serious they know it will come back on them times 3, and if they are not serious their magick won’t work. But just because you are getting bad vibes, think someone hates you or is envious of you does NOT mean magick is involved. That seems more like paranoia.

  3. I do not call it magic or dignify hatred by any other term. My beloved partner and I had the black cloud of her family’s dislike for 42 years,
    Rose P.

  4. Yes, when someone sends out negative energies towards you, you know about it. It is up to you though whether you can ignore it, block it, counteract it etc.

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