Home Discussion Forum Do you American knows Tantra ?

Do you American knows Tantra ?


  1. No. I saw a pictorial of that, and it looked like it was too complicated and too much work. I don’t need stress at sex time.

  2. yea, I am American and still know my Indian culture…i know what tantra is…its basically a list of Hindu ritualistic practices. Tantra exists in Vaisnava, Shaiva, and Shakta forms, among others. Extolled as a short-cut to Self-realization and spiritual enlightenment by some, left-hand tantric rites are often rejected as dangerous by most orthodox Hindus. The popular perception of tantra among Hindus espoused in Indian journalism equates it with black magic.

  3. I know about the tantric texts, and about the teachings from books I have read. I’m american, although I come from a Latin-american ethnic background. Born and Raised in New York City! Why are you curious to know if american know about Tantra?
    Best of Luck!


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