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Do you agree with the thoughts contained in the following line from the movie Avatar?

Good morning!
I saw the movie Avatar last weekend and was quite impressed by its content and message. I found the following line quite poignant (and it perhaps summarizes the message of the movie):
Neytiri: Our great mother Eywa does not take sides, Jake; only protects the balance of life.
1. Do you agree with this statement in general when it refers to the cosmic consciousness?
2. If you agree, then, is it possible that for achieving such a balance of life (by the cosmic consciousness) evil might actually be helped?
I will appreciate if you could provide some examples.
Thanking you
Rehman of Multan
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  1. I enjoyed Avatar too, and the messages about humanity and the connection to earth were good.
    I agree with the statement in general and there are many times when humans say it is God’s will yet don’t understand why the bad has happened to the good in the world right….so I compair that statement with that logic about God. So the evil then naturally being helped would be the tragedy befalling a good person for instance. But ultimately the outcome is a balance, but we don’t necessarily agree with the process if it means we are the victims of tragedy, and why would we if it effects negatively. The statement for me anyway, taken full circle is that this life just stinks sometimes.

  2. In order to understand your questions, you have to understand the relationship between the universals and particulars.
    The current trend is to reject the very idea of ‘universals’ which enables our cosmic consciousness.
    Here I wish to bring out just only one point:
    Different things can be studied with the same knowledge. In other words- “All things irrespective of the differences among them can be studied with the same knowledge because all of them have the properties of being a thing.”
    Here we have to infer that the presence of the universals enable us to study different things with the same knowledge. It is the very same universals which enable us with cosmic consciousness.
    Hope this helps

  3. In the movie “Avatar”, the idea of living in harmony with all that exist so as to achieve a balance in life is as old as Hinduism (the oldest, organized religion with a written scripture) and has from there flowed into Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Shinto and most other religions that have borrowed directly or indirectly from the HIndu mythology.
    The same is also supported by the understanding of modern physics which states that energy is the basis of all that exist,, animate and inanimate held together in a whole by a series of vibrations.
    The Native Americans of North America also practiced such a life style.
    Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei, the founder of Aikido (i.e., “The way of harmony”) taught this during the 20th century and his teachings have now reached more than ninety of the 140 nations of the world.
    Of course such is possible for both the individual and the collective of society however, when you apply terms such as good or bad, holy or evil, you are simply applying your own subjective understanding as nothing is good or bad, holy or evil. All that exist is simply that which it is and nothing more or less.
    Each one either consciously or unconsciously chooses his or her path and creates the world he or she lives in by their interpretation and understanding of the same. One receives the direct and indirect consequences of one’s choice of actions in the cause and effect relationship of interdependence in which all exist.

  4. If it doesn’t take your side, then it isn’t your mother.
    The balance of life can be adequately explained by individual competition, hence to posit the plurality of an overarching regulatory intellect is unnecessary & so by Occam – unlikely.
    Intellect is the organistic process of taking a side.
    Protecting a balance is taking a side. Ewya chooses to side with Pandora’s native life against the ecological shift the humans represent.
    Good & Evil exist only as a subjective reference to which side achieves it’s desires.
    The unobtained unobtanium is as valid a corporate evil as it is a Navi good.


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