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Do you Agree with my Thesis of the mind?

I believe that there are three states of mind, the conscious thought, the subconscious thought, and the unconscious thought
the conscious thought controls our daily actions and is what we use to make decisions and respond to the world around us
(ex. I see that a girl is pretty so i ask her out)
the subconscious thought recalls past experiences and influences the thought process of the conscious thought in its decision making
(ex. Because my mom died, i am more likely to ask a girl out regardless of her physical appearance to satisfy my subconscious need for a female figure)
the unconscious thought is made up of instinctive ideas and actions that influence disposition and other actions
(ex. I ask a girl out because instinctively i want to propagate)
my conclusion would be that our experiences in the subconscious thought influence our conscious actions
thoughts, has this been presented before?


  1. This is very much like the Jungian style of psychiatry, invented by Carl Jung, student of Sigmund Freud.
    Good job for coming up with it on your own, but unfortunately its been done before.

  2. Yes this is theory presented by Freud as the Id ego and supe er ego and several others I suggest you go to the library and look for Freud and other scietists who deal with the mind you will see this all over the place sorry.
    Good Luck

  3. Kid how old are you again? Damn I will give you props on this, I philosophized but barely post any of my thesis’ but this right here was really good.


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