Home Discussion Forum Do you agree with my science theory for the topic time travel?

Do you agree with my science theory for the topic time travel?

Based on the movie “back to the future” and “time machine” ,any person travelling will go to another time but still ends up on earth as usual and this makes no sense to me.As everyone knowes that the planets,solar system and galaxies are constantly moving all the time,so what are the chances that a time machine will disappear on 1963 and reappear in 2049 at the same spot and location?
I think that when a time machine disappears in one spot of the universe,that it will reappear in the same spot again.
If ever time travel is possible,then the navigator must wear a space suit because he will be far away from earth during the future or past.Remember that the planets are not always in their same position as well as the solar system.
Do you agree with my theory?


  1. I even wrote a science fiction short story with that particular twist in it…
    So, yeah. A time machine is not a space-time machine.

  2. Certainly. This is just one of the many problems with time travel as described in science fiction, as entertaining as it is. A space suit would not be sufficient. You could move a minute or so and end up way underground. That would wreck your whole day! Of course it all depends on what frame of reference you pick to begin with…Interesting.

  3. The premise is well taken.
    However, ask the next passing neutrino. They have a whole different concept of time since they hardly ever interact with anything except when they change flavors.
    Remember, time for you is the rate of interactions with the environment. Little molecules reacting with other molecules in femtoseconds wouldn’t see time, or any attempt to traverse a long set of events, and come back as an anomalously unchanged entity, with all the neuronal messages still going in the same direction as before the transition when everything had been undergoing transitions, the same way you do.
    Humans will probably stick to the idea that reality is what I see with my eyes and hear with my ears (That includes technological extensions) for quite a while yet.
    The Asians who have various long-range viewpoints developed over thousands of years, are mostly abandoning them for i-phones. Get a look at the projected dance of colliding galaxies. That will give you an idea of different time scales and the long dance.

  4. Very clever, i somewhat agree with you. BUT you are assuming something travelling through time isnt affected by things like its initial momentum (remember the earth, and even the sun it orbits, are moving!), gravity, and whatever.
    Ok, this sounds a bit weird, but picture that you are controlling your momentum through a dimension, say, through the x axis. you would still be influenced by your initial y and z momentum, and the forces placed beside you (in other parts in the y and z axis). So why is it different with a 4 dimensional movement? you control the 4th dimension, you would still be influenced by your initial momentum in the first 3.
    Now, actions (like influece by gravity) are ultimately a result of time, and if you accelerate in time, they would for you too, and if you accelerate negatively (go to the past) they would too, so you would go in reverse when you travel backward, and faster if you travel forward!
    So those movies werent flawed, the directors just didnt know why they werent.

  5. Gravity has nothing to do with time. Time can not be travelled through, time passes as you travel, but not like fence posts travel past you. Travelling requires events to take place, time is the interval between those events. Those intervals can be compared to singularities in the sense that they have no dimensions. I have pointed out before, when answering questions about time travel, you take a step forward, the Earth turns on it;s axis at the same time, the Earth moves around the sun at the same time, the galaxy rotates around it’s centre at the same time, that time, even thought it has no dimension, it can’t prevent those actions from happening. If you wish to return to the time that you began that first step, you must have the means of reversing those actions of the motion of the Earth and the galaxy in order to go back to the same time and space that existed at that time. You point those facts out in your question. Why do you ignore them?


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