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Do you agree that Wicca's grandparents are; Cunning Person Tradition, British Druidry, Thelema and Theosophy?



  1. I would add a little bit of Eastern Philosophy, OTO and Golden Dawn for flair, but you’re on the right track. Gardner borrowed from many different sources.

  2. Well yes, and no….
    These all definitely had a huge impact on modern Wicca, as it is…but the female, divine feminine, goddess worshipping nature religion predates all of these, and that ancinet religion I believe is the base for this modern version. That, along with many of the sources you mentioned, plus a few more (Buddhim, Taosim, etc.).

  3. I agree totally but I have a problem with the term “Modern Wicca” that some of your responses have. Modern Wicca. There is no old Wicca. Wicca itself, as a religion, is a new religion unless one says that the Wicca created in the early to middle 20th Century being ancient Wicca and the eclectic Wicca one sees to today being Modern.

  4. Yes, they are, and more than that, even.
    What many people fail to recognize, or even consciously understand, is the fact that Wicca, in it’s modern form is as directly linked to the ancient beliefs as modern Christianity is related to Judaic Christianity at Christianity’s birth.
    Most people forget that the ancient religions that survived over the millenia, through the burning times, to today had no name.
    The people of those times did not feel a need to name their beliefs as we seem to need to do today.

  5. They had to be cunning otherwise they would of been burnt to death. Legally shops can sell the potions. We have become the full circle.Theosophy is the true religion

  6. Certainly not if you’re suggesting those are the four biggest influences. Wicca has a great many influences, of which I’ve never gotten the impression that Thelema is a very large one. Golden Dawn is a big influence. Romanticism is an influence. The writings of Margaret Murray and others of her ilk are an influence. In fact, while early Wiccans certainly liked to give the impression of it being a cunning person tradition, I’ve seen little actual evidence of real influence. Gardner’s background is pretty clearly (to me) more ceremonial than folkish.
    And you’d have to define what you mean by “British Druidry.” If you mean ancient Celtic religion, not really. If you mean a modern variant, you’d need to further explain which variant. If you mean “19th/20th century British misinformation about ancient Druids,” then we’re getting closer.

  7. I think that Thelema was a precursor, which was affected by Blavatsky’s Theosophy. I doubt the other two were involved in any way (by the descriptions given)

  8. Gardner was a member of the Ancient Druid Order- So yes, that’s a big one. The use of the solstices as Holy Days comes directly from druidry, though the use of cross-quarter days was Gardner’s idea- they originally came from Irish mythology.


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