Do you agree that people with a good attitude can overcome any difficutly?

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The Credit Crunch taught people that living in the present was not a good idea but in fact it is good to use the mind to plan for the future. Does this not turn ideas by people like Eckhart Tolle on their head? If we plan and rehearse we can get anywhere.

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no, people need Christ


Clearly not. According to christianity, Jesus was pretty cool about the whole crucifixion thing. Look where that got him…


Good luck overcoming a hail of bullets or a nuclear explosion with your good attitude.

Tom G

More than most

Joe Random

No- you can’t overcome everything. But being proactive in life and working towards your goals gives you a much better chance of being successful.


yes i do agree that people with a good attitude can overcome any difficutly that they want

truth seeker

some things can not be over come no matter how good your attitude is


value people, life, and nature more than expensive cars and material wealth. Live fully the present moment, whatever it brings
you can have all the money in the whole world and still be miserable
you know what. I think you need to read the Great Gatsby, for one.

Jenny Thomas

Nope. There are somethings that I will never be able to do for various reasons, and that applies to other people as well.


i dont agree, NO
a positive attitude however can be conditional upon repeated positive experience. Anyone witha a positive attitude can be turned with overwhelming persecution and bad luck and negative experience.
it just matters how much.
ignorance is only bliss on basic levels. when true knowledge follows bliss flees


No. I do not agree.
Having a good attitude does not make a person grow wings to fly.
Having a good attitude does not make a person with cancer healed.
Having a good attitude allows a person to explore alternatives and to work for a goal. It doesn’t create solutions. It allows a person to pursue solutions.
Finally, not all difficulties are overcome. Learning to live with something is not the same thing as overcoming something. Consider the woman who lived in an iron lung for 50 years. She wrote books. She got a college degree. She did this and some other things from the iron lung.
Here’s the big part. She never left the iron lung. She never healed or overcame her difficulty. She only learned to live with it.


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