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Do you agree that nothing happens on the physical plane without it manifesting on the Astral first?

Wicker Man: There is 100% proof of the Astral Plane.
Could people actually answer the question without poking holes into a well established phenomena.
Nice Guy and to the other close minded sceptic!!!!: THERE IS 100% Undeniable proof of the astral. NOW OPEN YOUR MIND!!!!
Mikey: Thank you for bringing your gracious answer here this will prove to those narrow minded sceptics the existence of the Astral.


  • Dear friend,
    Greetings in peace, love and light. In my opinion for one to understand the existence of the Astral world one must have the awareness of our own spiritual awareness.

    Yes, miracle do not happened in the physical plane without it to happened on the Astral first. In fact, things happen based on our own intent that central at the higher dimension based on our own mind that is parallel with the universal consciousness and the sample way for one to travel to the Astral is through dreams.

    In peace, love and light,

  • No,I do not agree.Once again we have claims without backing it up.Let’s see the 100% proof and well established phenomena.No offense,but you can’t say things like that and not expect people to poke holes.
    Edit.Alright I’ll open my mind.Now what?

  • Sort of. “First” to an extent implies common temporal flow though, which isn’t the case. The astral is the level with originating causative power so is primal in that sense, but it’s not meaningful to say that the physical comes later or earlier – the astral manifestation event doesn’t really have a physical timestamp for anything to be earlier or later than.

    If you’d like to explore this experientially, there’s a state of consciousness known as “Focus 15” you might want to look into (hint: Wave V of The Monroe Institute’s “Gateway Experience”). If you’d just like to read about mechanisms by which event timelines are inserted into the space-time continuum, Bruce Moen’s 3rd and 4th books in his “Exploring the Afterlife” series are the way to go.

  • No
    What is the Astral plane? Please define it. I think you have to show that such a thing even exists before asking questions like this.
    Can you show me the 100% proof? I would suggest there is 0% proof, and the onus is always on the one proposing that which is not self evident.

  • In order for humans to invent or make something it has to come into being in the human mind. If you think that it is through the mind that we access the astral plane then it has to manifest first there.

    However, what about everything else on earth apart from humanity, not the smallest but probably the least useful creatures on earth. Did ants, or fish or trees appear on the astral plane first or did they simply happen as that is what does happen. Or does the mind of a creator god count as being on the astral plane?

    It would be useful to know exactly what you mean by the term as it is often talked about but rarely defined.

  • Of course I agree. You just have to look all around you to see that it is true.

    Don’t listen to the narrow minded sceptics they don’t know what they’re talking about lol.

  • The astral plane surely doesn’t manifest itself in here.. there is completely no evidence of an astral plane, or a supernatural thing in living organisms: only chemical substances reacting.

    there’s proof? whoa, im sorry then.. could i see it? at least read something?

  • No, I do not agree. There is no credible scientific evidence for other realms of existence than our own physical universe.

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