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Do you agree that no truly positive action can arise out of an unsurrendered state of consciousness?


  1. Unsurrendered to what? I can say that any move to surrender (whatever that means) in your scenario would not be positive, since it would by definition come from an unsurrendered state.

  2. i dont know do you belive that if people didint sleep everyday,.,. then they wouldnt feel like they cant do anything about the problems in their world

  3. This is kind of a tricky question for me because in the pure sense I agree with your statement, but in the realistic sense it’s not so simple. I will just say that with the most important matters what will have lasting value is what was done in accordance with nature, and what was done against nature will have no lasting value or positive meaning.

  4. “Not my will, but Thine, O Lord God Almighty.” (Christ Jesus.) At that level, in that perspective, a fairly clear “agree.”
    Freedom in Truth, being of One Mind Soul-individuation, is Holy Christ Mindedness, a la Saint Paul and Saint John, Light of the world when they were in the world.
    However, if +/- action is not “truly” positive, i.e., merely relative good and evil, that is so offensive to human ego and pride. Therefore, “how shall we live?”
    The “love God completely” suggestion, oops, commandment, is an obedient-elective drawing nigh.
    Thus, tantric practice: a “+” is the lesser of two out-of-Edenic veilings, and, as such, may electively be moving one closer to Oneness, Soul-realization, and the like.
    Such a position or understanding asks patience and humility, as well as love divine.
    C. S. Lewis explores this in an entertaining novella, “The Great Divorce.”
    best regards,

  5. Surrender to what, the notion of imperfection? The only way I could know that is if I perceived something opposed to my free will, my will free from interference and free to the rightful personal property. The only way I may know something is mine is if I may disown, alienate, reject, give or sell my property. To whom am I giving or selling my consciousness and why. My first social consciousness is self consciousness and if my Judgment is in error, I may correct it. My Will is positive and my Judgment is negative, not infallible.

  6. Rena where it really gets interesting is that there is no true action without consciousness. Most people are on autopilot for many variety of reasons and they can be classified as mechanical man who only reacts to stimulus but never has a geniune act, often our active thought is reversed back upon itself , recycling. Most can’t even maintain a conscious thought.
    If by surrendered you are suggesting that one whom has relinquished their past, having ended their natural mechanical reactive quality of clinging to things, persons, places, but past and future. So that they have a mind that is harmonious and not fragmented where each part is invoked by something external – but having resolved these things and surrendered to a heightened consciousness can bring about action that can be beneficially positive? Most are sleeping, or unconscious. I came to notice this back when I was a teenager, how no one really acts, but reacts. I observed it even in myself and it was a shocking revelation about the human condition.

  7. You have to be awake to surrender.. if you are asleep you must be half dead or asleep. So if you are asleep there isnt any positive action.. you might be dreaming..

  8. No, I do not agree with that statement.
    After having been married to a very violent alcoholic for many years I finally wound up in an Al Anon meeting. When I got there I was NOT surrendered to anything. I felt that God had abandoned me, and that there was not much to live for except for my children.
    I continued going to those meetings, because there I heard hope spoken. After many meetings, and several years, my thinking began to become a little more positive. The longer I went, and put into practice the principles of the program, the more I grew, and the more positive I became. BUT, at my initial meeting, and for many meetings after, I was not surrendered to anything, all the same my life began to become more and more positive with each passing week.

  9. No
    First off we can’t see if our actions are truly positive. We can see the immediately positive changes but things are so complex and some times a lot of good happens because of bad. Also there is a lot of overlap. Nah just don’t feel qualified to make those kinds of judgments.
    Secondly we don’t believe in selfless acts. So this whole concept of surrendered consciousness is… well what ever makes them feel good.


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