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Do you agree that Buddha encourages obesity?

Why do scientologists worship him so much? Why didn’t anyone give Buddha a bra?

This is a relevant question because Scientology is the number one religion in the world right now.


  • Scientology and Buddhism are two different religions although both teach that we are immortal spiritual beings whose experiences span many lifetimes. Perhaps that is where your confusion came from.

    The root of both religions is the Veda and Vedic Hymns which are from 10000 years ago.

  • This is not abnormal. A healthy person has good chest muscles developed. They are not asked to wear the bra.

  • Scientology? It is not a religion. And Buddha never encouraged obesity. If you’ve seen a picture or carving where he looks obese it is called an artists impression.

  • Scientologists worship Xenu, not Buddha.
    Maybe Buddha had a glandular problem. And whatever the case, at least Buddhists don’t advocate murder and lies like other religions.

  • You are an idiot. Scintologists do not worship him and the Buddha wasn’t an idle to be worshiped in the first place, he was a philosopher that founded Buddhism.

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