Sunday, September 26, 2021

Do you agree or disagree about what i just typed?

White people claim that there white skin makes them superior intellectually. Really ? Is this a fact or a lie controlled by there inferiority complex?
We all know that Melanin has far far more useful purposes then just protection from the sun , am I correct? We know that Melanin has the ability to store energy and is presented in the organs and brain of the body.
So if this is all true then how could white skin human who lack a large amount of melanin in there bodies as well as there pineal gland calcified , Be superior to people who has evolved and adapted on a planet that has used the sun for thousands and thousands of years if not millions of years to create and maintain life?
Are they Natural, in many ways on! let me bring up some examples of how un-natural they really are.
We all know that animal and people are uniquely developed in there own environment, and that they can move to one area and adapted and developed .
People of color and animal have no problem moving anywhere on this planet without any problems surviving. Yet lets look at the white man for a sec, if he is so natural just like the rest of us then how come he has a hard time adapting?
If you look at US history , You would find that the Native Americans had to help the white people plenty of time survive in the cold and also taught them how to grow and storage food for the winter. Now how are whites adapted to cold if they couldn’t even handle that? If whites were also natural wouldn’t there skin become darker to adapted in hot environment?
Now with logic and reasoning I can tell you that this white skin making them superior argument they give us is full of crap isn’t it? They can never darken there skin without the genetic help of color people. If people of color can move to hotter place and get there skin darker , why can’t white people? If people of color can survive better in the cold (Eskimos by the way have light brown skin and live in much colder places then whites did ) then why couldn’t white also do this well?
I know many people said this once and ill say it again , color eyes ( green , blue , haze) White skin , And light colored hair ( Red, blond , White) are not evolved superior genetics!
Do you agree



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