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Do you agree if not for Lucifer the "Angel of Light" there would be no enlightenment?

“Gnostic Christians maintained that the “light” Lucifer brought was true enlightenment, which He gave humanity against God’s will, as Prometheus stole the fire of heaven to bring civilization to mankind against the will of Zeus. God denied Adam and Eve the fruit of the tree of knowledge, desiring to keep them ignorant; but Lucifer, in the form of the serpent, gave them the “light” of wisdom.
He became the Prince of the Power of the Air (Ephesians2:2) who threw his lightning bolts at church towers. He wielded the trident which, in Eastern symbolism is a triple lightning-phallus destined to fertilize the Triple Goddess. In Tantric Hindu symbology, He is the bindu, the spark that ignites the sacred serpent and awakens the kundalini.”
And let us not forget the lowly coyote that stole fire from the Gods to give to mankind and got his tail burnt in the process.
Before coyote could give the fire to humans it had to carry it someplace so it wraped its tail around it. : )


  1. That’s the lie of satan since the beginning. Satan is a liar, and the father of all lies. This isn’t enlightenment, but enslavement. Satan comes for nothing other than to kill, steal and destroy. If that’s your idea of bringing enlightenment, then you’ve already been blinded by the darkness. Jesus said, “The blind lead the blind, and they both fall into the ditch.”
    He started this war against Truth by telling Eve that by eating the forbidden fruit (i.e. disobeying God). her eyes would be opened (she would receive enlightenment). But instead of being enlightened, death was brought into the world.
    Your idea of enlightenment (and lucifer’s) is evil and way off track!
    It is recorded of Jesus, “He is the true light of the world that lights every man who comes into the world.”

  2. if you go back to adam and eve, YES, according to the book of mormon adam and eve would never have had children.
    however, i dont want to start a heresy, if adam and eve had continued to interact with God they wouldve come to asking question even in their eternal existence and innocence, there is no telling how long it takes for “innocence” to ask the right questions and grow up and become true sons of God.
    Adam is called a son of God in genesis.
    Lucifer was an angel of God. Satan became the enemy of righteousness.
    The HOLY Ghost brings us to truth.
    so light and knowledge comes from the Holy Ghost and comforter, lucifer is dead to light and truth and is called satan. He is now the father of lies, which is the antithesis of Light and is correctly called darkness.

  3. Ever heard the term “If it ain’t broke-don’t fix it” ? Adam and Eve had things perfect, nothing was wrong, no problems what so ever. Eve fell for Satan’s deception and we have what we have today. Adam and Eve didn’t know of such things as murder, stealing, lieing etc. Why? Because they didn’t exist and were never intended to. Satan changed that for them and us.

  4. OH! Thats pathetic!! come to think of it the Church interprets the snake as Satan in disguise…but on the other hand I still dont feel disgusted with thier comparison of the serpent to the Satan because maybe its just a manifestation of Godess that some Easterns (similar to the Christians who called it devil) called ‘maaya’ and thought it is to be hated.
    Serpent is shakti- it gives ”fire’ that unites with lord
    LOL how ur tail got burnt??
    edit- oh so thats how it happenned ..my sympathy with you if thats of any help 😛

  5. It reads like you are trying to identify the ” lowly coyote” with enlightenment in a very satanic, roundabout way – fine with me, I’ll accept it.
    All of these myths are intertwined and in some way influenced by one another.
    Its important to know that those who believe in the Adam & Eve thing see whatever it was that the serpent gave to Eve as a bad thing. enlightenment can be reached by different paths and as unbelievable as it seems, christianity is one of those paths. Most christians are confused and ignorant and bogged down in rituals and dogma and foolishness to the point that they are de factor no longer christians but strange new world heathens (for lack of a better term). If you delve into the true spiritual side of the religion and forsake all the many layers of papal b.s you can find a bright path to a shining mountaintop just as with the way of the Buddha.
    I find it difficult to accept that the authors of the Adam & Eve story were trying to deceive its readers/believers while obviously showing them the truth they wanted to hide from them.
    That’s how I see it.

  6. Interesting….very intersting.
    The one that asks the question “why”….the one that had the balls enough to stand up to the “way things are supposed to be”
    And he gets branded and cast down….for that?
    Lucifer to Statan to Devil simply because he chose to ask why and do something about it.


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