Home Discussion Forum Do yoga stretching exercises help you grow taller?

Do yoga stretching exercises help you grow taller?

I’ve heard that stretching every day can stretch out your spine and muscles, is this true? I don’t want to have back problems in the future if this doesn’t work out well.


  1. Mostly it’s genetics and nutrition. Stretching is only used for flexibility but if you persist at it I’m sure you could get an inch maybe 2 from it.

  2. No, you will not grow taller by stretching, or doing any exercise at all for that matter. Unless there is something medically wrong with you that you may or may not know about, the only two things that influence your height is your DNA and the level of growth hormone present in your blood stream. Assuming you are getting enough vitamins, food, and nutrients, there is nothing you can do to change either of those two things.
    Yoga, done correctly, is a great way to stretch and will actually DECREASE your chance of getting back problems in the future, it will not increase them.
    Eat a wide variety of different and healthy foods, exercise enough but not too much, have fun, and be safe! 🙂 That will get you far in life, although it may not directly impact your height.

  3. you will be taller through stretching. however, it is not permanent.
    when you are stretching, you are stretching your spine/bones. but gravity will pull you down eventually.
    all of us are taller in the morning (when we just wake up) and throughout the day we shrink.
    [if you dont believe, go measure urself in the morning when you wake up and when you go to sleep!]

  4. The Following are some Yoga excercises that will help you increase height
    COBRA,Super Cobra,Cat Stretch,Basic Leg Stretch,The BridgeThe ,TableThe, Bow Down
    Good Luck and BesT of Luck
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  5. The only things that stunt growth in our lifestyles can all be directed to just common sense if you have a lousy nutrition everyday, if you lack the proper/essential/beneficial foods to eat daily, it won’t necessarily stop you from growing, but it doesn’t exactly increase the chances, either. Also, lack of flexibility has shown to hinder more growth, as the muscle tissues around your growing bones may or may not be the most potentially stretched. Just in general, nothing really stunts growth, but simple things such as getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep (hormones levels are released during sleeptime, producing growth; also, to rebuild muscle and give energy), staying physically fit (cardio, aerobic/anaerobic variations), and simply staying active thoroughout the day is all a pathway to growth.If you really want to grow taller even after puberty then check this out http://www.howtogrowtallernaturally.com or http://www.growtallersupplements.net I heard about it on a health forum strangely enough. I tried it not expecting much since l am 27….and I have been using it for 3 Months and,l see 2 inches difference in my height already. it has worked really well for me. Some companys are now making already mixed versions, it works though there isn’t much for scientific evidence supporting the manufacturer’s claim, but it works, also my friend tried it and it really worked out well for her too.


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