Do.. witches/wiccans really keep a Book Of Shadows?

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I’m reading a series called Sweep, and in the books, witches keep a Book Of Shadows.
Do people do that in real life?
If so, do you have to be a real.. witch or wiccan to keep it? Or would i have to study wicca and witchcraft for a year and a day, to officially call it a book of shadows
Thanks in Advance [:
And.. just to let you know, please dont get offended by this question somehow. I’m just curious, I know that i should’nt believe what books and movies say about the craft, but I’m just wondering if people do really have a Book of Shadows….

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Most of us do…some written out in a notebook, or done in an online format. It’s basically just a journal and can include anything from dreams you’ve written down for analysis to spell workings to recipes for oils… Sorry it isn’t more exciting than that, but that’s really all there is to it…
And yes, you can do it too… If you aren’t Wiccan, you would just call it a diary…


Ahaha I loved that series.

Joachim AASR

Yes, It’s a sort of journal.

Happy New Year!

My Wiccan friends have one. It is where they keep their spells and one of my friends said his had a place for his personal journal in it. I have to add that a Book of Shadows is NOT like something you see in Charmed. It is just a book.


The Book of Shadows is like a journal which follows the training and life of the Wiccan or WItch. For many there can be more than one. I have several. One has recipes, another chronicles rituals and spells and yet another covers the tools I have owned and made over the years.
Asking a legitimate question is not offensive. Feel free to ask other questions and I will try to answer them for you.
Blessed Be.


Some do…some dont.


I keep one. It is more of a journal of my spiritual exercises and growth, along with spells, listing of herbal properties, colors, anything I find goes in there.
You can call your spiritual journal anything you like. It’s yours.


One of the very first things that was said to me years ago was that “Witch’s Learn”. Truer words were never spoken. Every witch I know has a pretty extensive library covering the many different elements of the Craft. Witches are book magnets !!! Still, it is preferred to have a personal reference book that covers your experiences, your successes and setbacks, and can aid in measuring your growth. That’s the Book of Shadows. It is a very important tool and one that I use and update frequently.


Some of us certainly do. A BoS is a book that contains your workings in it. It can be as simple as a daily journal of your meditations and thoughts or as complex as pressed herbs and planetary correspondence at the time of a spell. I should add that there are many differant kinds of Witches from many differant Paths out there noe all of them use this as a tool and some may and have very differant words for it.


Not all-
this is a good example of people getting confused by our pagan ‘termanology’ LOL
For example (these are just some “generic” examples to show you the closest non-pagan equivalent)
Book Of Shadows = Diary/Journal
Working Magic = “praying”
Ritual = mass/church service/worship time
Sacred Circle/Space = Church/worship area
Witches’ Rede = The Golden Rule
etc…each religion has it’s own terms for roughly the same things. The pagan terms seem to spark interest, hatred, and even fear in a lot of people- but it’s funny to know that the people who don’t understand whats what, probably use the same objects and practices in thier own religions. We just call them by another name.

Danse Macabre

You will find that most Witches or Wiccans or Pagans in general that do keep a “Book of Shadows” or Journal are technologically advanced and actually keep it on a flash drive.
Its not nearly as romantic as that old leather bound book with the sigils enscribed on it, but it is certainly a lot more practical.
It really is a form of dairy, to record your feelings, your expectations, articles, information, rituals… You will find there is a lot of information on the web regarding this topic.

Morrigan B

I think the Book of Shadows is more of a Wiccan Tradition – but many of them make their own. l am not a Wiccan and if I want to do a spell I either write it myself – or I look into a very, very old Book which was more of a Journal kept by my Great Grandmother who was Romani.
Some of the beliefs are different in actual Witchcraft and Wicca.


yes I was writing in mine today.


Yes, I have one. I write things in it that pertain to my spiritual growth, and anything else that pertains to my path. There actually isn’t too much in it right now, as I just started it.


Yes, a book of shadows is where a witch keeps all important information pertaining to his or her experiences as a witch. They put in it, personal journals, records of taskes performed, records of dreams had and personal interpretations of such dreams, divination information, techniques on meditation and visualization…among other things (including standard spells and rituals). This book does go by other names…mostly Wiccans call it a Book of Shadows, while others (who may not be Wiccan) may call it a Grimoire, Book of Light, Book of Magic, or title it in any way they desire.
This book is NOTHING compared to the Book on Charmed (for those wondering). A witches book is individual to the witch. No two books contain the same information. There is no such thing as a complete Book of Shadows, as a witch never stops studying, writing, or performing.


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