Home Discussion Forum Do witches beleive in Mythical/Magical creatures?

Do witches beleive in Mythical/Magical creatures?

Do wiccans who are witches beleive in magical creatures like trolls and fairies and etc… If they do could you please name me some of the creatures they beleive in? Thanks, Oh and would they put it in their book of shadows?


  1. I believe in all of the creatures bond to the Book of Pacts, which would include trolls and faeries. Also vampyres, were-beings, djinns, etc. Basically daemons of all manner.

  2. Your question is the same as asking if christians believe in aliens. Some do, some don’t. Its a personal thing. As for the Book of Shadows, that is also a personal thing. If I had an encounter with a mythical/magical being, I would definitely include an entry about it.

  3. Yes, they live in the astral planes, that’s another dimension, a parallel universe. and some trolls live underground. That’s what i believe and im not a witch

  4. Not as a rule, no. Some do, but it has absolutely nothing to do with being a Wiccan. I do not. And neither does anyone in my coven to my knowledge.

  5. Depends upon the Wiccan witch in question. Certainly neither witchcraft nor Wicca requires belief (or non-belief) in such things.
    People put all sorts of things in their Books of Shadow.


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