Do Wiccas/Witches build their own Book of Shadows or do they buy it somewhere?

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Merry meet,
I’m new to Wicca and I want to know if Wiccans/Witches buy their Book of Shadows or if they actually made it by themselves?
I heard I could buy it but I also heard from a few sites that some of the Wiccan witches actually made their own.
If so, which should I do? If not, where can I buy one?
PS : I said Wiccans/Witches because I actually know that not all Wiccans do witchcraft.
Blessed be.
Edit #1- Ok, now for the Christians who won’t stop saying:”Don’t! Change change! God wants to save you!” Just…(sorry to say that) shut up!
I can believe what I will. Witchcraft isn’t evil. It’s what you do with it that CAN(not IS) be evil. And I don’t want to do Witchcraft for evil purposes. Only for good and for good only. I’m the shy and quiet type of girl that would hurt a fly! Now get over it! Learn about Witchcraft before comparing it to some sort of evil religion! Dang…

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Technically, a “Book of Shadows” is just a private grimoire of ritual-related notes and what not. You invariably end up compiling your own. I suppose you could buy your own blank book or journal and end up filling it to be your own Book of Shadows, if that’s what you mean by “Buying” one. Though there are a number of published books out there that make use of the name “Book of Shadows” somewhere in the subtitle, but that’s pretty much just a marketing scheme.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying books, just as there’s nothing wrong with taking lessons as a beginning musician. You have to start SOMEWHERE.


If you do not change your direction you shall perish!!!

Kira (JPA)

a Book of shadows is created by the individual. any notebook will do just fine. You use it to record rituals, spells, and anything else relevant to your spiritual growth as a wiccan and/or witch.
I personally use mine to record dreams and rituals that I have created.
Ave Satanas!

Feathered Serpent!

Brutal death viking blood salutations!
Yeah like the others said, its just a book you use to record your progress with rituals, dreams, thoughts and experiments.Personally I use a word document on my PC.
You can buy fancy smanzy leather bound tombs of doom if you want but that’s just for show.


Like I said in the last question (if you read it), everybody makes up there own mind and beliefs we have a free will, but if you start dipping into things that go against God and worship other gods you may have a long walk back to God and experience curses and hardship threw out your life and open things that you know nothing about, yes at first it will look good but in the end, satan is out to kill, steal and to destroy, that is how he tempts you, like the other answer DON’T do it., there is evil spirits also and you will make yourself vulnerable with out God, give it some more thought
Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


The book of shadows is made (compiled by the user. The physical book can be bought, but the contents are created by the individual).
No two books of shadows are alike. Each individual Wicca/Witch’s book of shadows is unique in it’s information and design. You cannot buy a pre-completed book of shadows because there aren’t any.

M ★

A book of shadows is just a complication of rituals and spells that the person had performed and wishes to remember. I suppose therefore you could buy it somewhere – for example one of Scott Cunninghams books has a copy of his book of shadows, but most tend to write down their own rituals, after drafting them somewhere else, in their own book of shadows.
I have a notebook type of book of shadows which is kind of like a magickal diary and doesnt necessarily just have spells and rituals in it – it has the plans and preperations for those workings too. And then ill write the final copy in my larger book of shadows.

Wiccan Witch

There are tfour ways we do our Book of Shadows, also known as a BoS.
You can buy one like the ones on the link below.
Or you can buy one like this:
You can put it together in a three ring binder like this:
Or you can create a file in your computer and keep a record there, but it is harder to take with you. I listed them in the best to the worst, but they are all an option, and these are just examples not the only book you can use.

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

Wiccans *always* make their own. That’s part of the point of a BoS. Wiccans in covens copy the coven’s BoS, but they still often do so by hand, and then they can still add their own personal material.
Some authors choose to title their books “Book of Shadows.” That doesn’t make them a book of Shadows. At best, it makes it the author’s BoS. But you want YOUR BoS. Certainly drawing on the ideas of other is acceptable (and expected. After all, how else do you learn)?) But creating a BoS is part of your own growing process.

Child of Venus

You can buy an empty book, but you cannot buy a BOS with the words in it. You are supposed to write your own BOS. A Book of Shadows is a journal of your magical journey. What ends up in your BOS is up to you. I personally prefer to use a binder and loose leaf paper for mine so that I can add things and keep them organized in a way that makes sense to me. Every Wiccan or witch prefers to keep his or her own personal Book of Shadows in different ways. Some people even have computerized files as their BOS’s. Some authors have published bits of their own Books of Shadows, and you can buy those too, but remember that while you can certainly take ideas from the books of others, your own Book should be personal and should reflect you and your beliefs and not someone else’s. May you find peace and happiness on your path.
Venus Bless
Edit: And Wiccan Witch, just because that is your preference for types of Books of Shadows, does not mean it works for everyone that way. Different types of BOS’s work better for different people and there is no best type of Book.


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