Do Wiccans have to believe in reincarnation? Are there alternative wiccan beliefs to it?

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Moiraes Fate

Wiccans don’t HAVE to do anything but live by the Harm None and Rule of Three laws, and believe in the god and the goddess (though the interpretation of said gods is up to the Wiccan).

Tahuti Reincarnate

Wiccans generally believe in directed reincarnation, and with a heaven. (The Summerland by some)

Pangel hugging the world

as far as I know they believe in the summerlands
and some believe from there you can remain in spirit form or reincarnate
so I think they believe in choice , even in the next life
which is similar to my own beliefs


No they don’t have to.
Many Wiccans end up while sticking to the religion, creating their own beliefs about an afterlife.


Wiccans don’t *have* to believe in anything, although the more you deviate from core beliefs the less it makes sense to call your practice “Wicca.” However, I would not consider reincarnation to be a core belief of Wicca. It is something that many Wiccans believe in, but it’s not central to the faith. Disbelieving in it doesn’t really affect other Wiccan beliefs.
Some Wiccans believe in an afterlife called the Summerland. most see it as a resting point between reincarnations, although some see it as a final stop.
I personally do not have any afterlife beliefs.

Labgrrl: φ's kitten.

No, Wiccans do not.
The afterlife mysteries actually have nothing to do with reincarnation, anyways, at least, not as understood by most.


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