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Do wicca spells actually work for witches?

I’ve heard about wicca and some of friends told me about it but I never believed it. So do you have any so called “proof” or is just some psychic stuff people believe in? How about “psychic vampires” does it work too?No offense I find it quite amusing but do you have any first-hand knowledge?


  1. NO.. Take it from someone who really knows: NO
    You may get into something you CANNOT handle better watch out ok? thanks
    Ex-medium: Christian

  2. It’s dangerous and potentially deadly. If we take an unhealthy interest in things we are apprehensive towards, and if we leap into things before investigating, we may find ourselves in a world of trouble.

  3. does it work? it depends on if Satan has reached his allowable quota for destruction that particular day, and also how many Wiccans he can deceive with the ” oh it’s only white magic” garbage

  4. it depends on what you believe in. witch craft is actually science that is why there is always mixing of items its chemistry a lot of the witches tablets where destroid during the great witch hunt that took place back in the day you can goggle it and find all kind of stuff .no such thang as psychic vampires there are people hoo drink blood but it is a medical condition or they are canables or sick in the head and yes psychic are real they are talked about in the bible god says to go from among them

  5. You can only know by trying. Don’t trust anyone elses opinion. Find a book, and try some. If it works, okay. If not, okay.

  6. yes spells work. No I can’t prove it to you any more that I can prove to you that a strawberry is red and tastes sweet if you’ve never seen or tasted one. Wicca is what is called an ‘experiential’ religion; you need to experience it to understand it completely.
    psychic vampires exist. They feed off of other peoples energy and ‘sap’ them so-to-speak; drain their energy in order to have power over them. Have you ever had someone make you feel like you were 3 inches tall by the way they talked down to you? They might not have known what they were doing, but they were ‘stealing’ your energy in order to build up theirs and makes themselves feel better than you.

  7. Yes wicca, spells and magic are real and they work.
    If I were to say to you, ‘If you lift weights you will get muscular and strong’ would you believe me? If you only lift a single weight once and then claim that I lied because you aren’t strong am I a liar?
    The same is true with most magic. You can not cast a single spell and expect the world to change for you. Like everything else in life, the more you practice the arts of magic, the better you will become at guiding the powers to make your spells work.
    The best place to begin is by finding people with experience willing to help and guide you. I recommend http://www.spellsofmagic.com/ There is a huge mix of information and people on that site, from the very experienced to the very new.

  8. Wow a multiple of questions. See how I go…
    1/ Spells are exactly like any other form of prayer. Some work, some are not meant to be. Herbs are a different issue – being rudimentary medicine.
    2/ With respect Wicca is a religion – this is a fact not something to be “believed in”.
    3/ We have no more proof than any other religion. It’s an issue of faith. Personally I’d prefer to be aware of my impact on the Environment.
    4/ Psychic Vampires are a total different issue. You would have met them if you’ve dealt with a certain type of “needy person” who’s so desperate for attention they’ll take all/drain your time, energy & most likely money.
    Wicca has nothing to do with being “trendy” OR anything to do with “just” Fluffy teenagers. I took this path 20 years ago and wasn’t a child/teen when I started.

  9. Wicca isn’t about spells, and no spell is a “Wiccan spell.”
    A Wiccan may chose to indulge in such acts if they see fit, but our religion is about dedication to the gods, not “magic” or “Satan.”


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