Do we need to hide our Wiccan Altar from the eyes of the others?

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I’ve got my wiccan altar in my bedroom and whenever I turn on my webcam, my friends can see it. Does it take away the privacy that exists between me and my altar?

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Eclectic Heretic

Of course it takes away the privacy, since all your friends can see it. The point is, are your friends comfortable with it? And If not, maybe you could just put a sheet or decorative cloth over the altar when you are on the webcam.
Blessings on your Journey!


An altar can be many things but it doesn’t have to be anything. If you don’t like your altar being seen by others than move your webcam. It’s as simple and as logical as that.


It’s up to you if you feel you need to hide your altar. Many people have permanent altars, in which others can see it. Your altar need not be a secret, as it’s a place of honor (many people of many faiths have personal altars or shrines dedicated to their religion in plain view and touch of others). The only time that there should really be privacy is when you’re conducting business with your altar. Unless for educational purposes, you should not videograph your rituals or spells.

john wondering

Is it made of wicker?


pls don’t be fooled by such things!
there’s nthing as a witch or a spell! it’s only a thing of fiction! no sane person would believe such things!
pls don’t make a fool out of urself!


Not really. If your friends know you are Wiccan, then there is no need to hide it, though why you want anyone to see your bedroom is beyond me. I prefer my privacy. And you can have alters hidden in plain site as well.


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