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Do we need to attribute a factor of "consciousness" into our laws of physics?

For suppose ; If me and a dummy with the same physical charateristics that of me, are floating in space. Does the outcome of the events that follow differ in any way? If they do, isnt it purely because of consciousness ?


  1. If the dummy has the same physical characteristics, then it is a copy of your body, complete with the same electrical and chemical interactions that make you alive.
    If it is lacking one of these things, which we deem necessary for life, then it does not have the same physical characteristics as you.
    In other words, no, we don’t need to model “consciousness” in physics.

  2. Thinking about the role of the observer in quantum theory, I can definitely see your point. There are new theories coming out about quantum consciousness. Have you read them? Reading about collapsing wave functions makes me dizzy though. I have to admit it is a little over my head.

  3. Consciousness is basically irrelevant. On an atomic scale, there are some subtleties of quantum mechanics that become involved, but on a macroscopic scale, these vanish.

  4. Certainly not, there isn’t even consensus that “consciousness” even exists. Many biologists believe that it is a trick of brain evolution. In any case it’s an esoteric and philosophical argument, not science.


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